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Here we go again. The dems say if you believe in Jesus, you must be a GOP. That's not true. There are many Christians that are also DNC. Opps! Sorry to burst your bubble.

And many GOP say if you're not GOP, you can't be a Christian, either. And they don't mean Jesus Christian, they mean "white Jesus Christian."

The other thing was, you fruitcakes don't read. It wasn't about Jesus. It was about how to tell... oh hell, never mind. You white people never learn anyway.

I'm glad I can get through to white women.

Last night, I had a conversation with a GOP woman about Muslim women wearing head covers. So I asked her why not? She said it's not American. I asked, who told you that? She replied it's not American culture. I asked What's American culture? She explained. I said, "I'm going to tell you something that's going to change your mind. When women were not allowed to vote, was that ok? Who told them they could not vote? MEN she said. What men? Was it a black man? No. Was it a Hispanic man? No. So who told them they couldn't vote? White men. Were they right? No. Who has been telling you what to think and say and do for over 2 centuries in America? White men. Who put our country in so many wars? White men. Maybe the problem isn't a Muslim woman wearing a head covering because of her religion. Maybe the problem is white men TELLING you it's wrong. And you followed that lie.

So let me ask you this. If wearing head coverings are bad. what about yamikas? What about the Amish and Mennonites? What about the Mormons?

why isn't that wrong?

She called me this morning and thanked me because she thought about what I said. Se said, "America's biggest problem is not immigration. It's white men and people who listen to their --------."

Bingo, honey. My job here is done.

There are many gods. Which God are we talking about?

This is where people make a fatal mistake. The Bible mentions many gods. It also says there is only ONE true God, Jesus the Christ. You might say "semantics" but that is VERY important when trying to make sense of which "god" people like Michele Bachmann are talking about? The Bible makes it very clear that only people who admit Jesus is God are saved. In other words, they are considered Christians. THEN the Bible says that those who do the will of Christ are really His disciples and only they shall see the Kingdom of Heaven.

At this point, I want to interject that I am only trying present a very important contrast between the GOP god and the Christian God. Whether nor not you personally believe in Jesus is up to you. That is not the contention of this post.

Many of Trump's followers have claimed that he was "sent by god." BUT you almost never hear or read a claim that Trump was "sent by Jesus Christ." Not once did Michele Bachmann claim that Trump was sent by Jesus Christ. Why is that important? Because the Bible says that no one who has not received Jesus Christ (in other words say that Jesus is God) will admit Jesus is God. Every time you see that the GOP makes a claim that Trump is from god, which god are they talking about? Thor? Zeus? Odin? Captain America? Or could it be Satan? I could say Trump is from god all day long all I want but that doesn't tell anyone WHICH GOD I MEANT?

When confronted by a GOP claiming that "Trump is from god," ask them which god are you talking about? If they won't admit or say they meant Jesus, then they are not talking about the Christian God, Jesus Christ. Insist on an answer. If they dance around a straight answer, you know it's not Jesus they are speaking about.

BTW, what spirit you see next when you ask may cause you to ----- in your pants...

Hello. I'm Carajo and I'm an alcoholic.

I know you're talking about Bernie. But I'm an American and I don't give a fluck.

Georgia Bright Engel died at 70 yesterday and that crushed my heart a bit. Why? I had a huge crush on her when I was a child. In fact, the first time I blew a fuse, I was stroking my salami with her on my mind. I yammed myself with such ferocity that I fainted and fell out of my twin sized bed. My parentswww.drudge.com knew nothing of my fantasies about Georgia. They couldn't understand why I liked to watch "The Mary Tyler Moore Show?" Georgia did have some heavy hooters and she was smoking hot. She knew it too, that dirty birdie, and she hid it well behind her innocent mask. I wanted to be her husband. On our honeymoon, she whispered, Not so hard, Carajo. Let my sphincter open on its own. It was like stroking a bass cello.

Now she's gone and I'll never know if she liked sitting on my trikki trakki? (pout)

Now you know just a little more of me and you know nothing of me at all. Thanks your for allowing me to share.

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