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Breitbart? How about CNET and Time? Admit it..you just didnt care "because Obama".


"The Graph API's features were no secret. They were shouted to the world via press release. At his 2010 announcement at a San Francisco conference, Zuckerberg boasted that developers would now be able to download and retain Facebook data. "We've had this policy where [third-party developers] can't store and cache any data for more than 24 hours, and we're going to go ahead and we're going to get rid of that policy," Zuckerberg said. CNET reported that the audience cheered.

There was no privacy outcry when Barack Obama's 2012 campaign took advantage of the same Graph API to exfiltrate information of tens of millions of Facebook users without each voter's knowledge and consent.

Time.com's report immediately after the election was laudatory. Extracting data from Facebook, it said, "will transform the way campaigns are conducted in the future."

The Obama campaign's extensive harvesting of social graph data triggered Facebook's internal safeguards, according to an article a year later in The New York Times Magazine. But Facebook allowed it to continue. "It was more like we blew through an alarm that their engineers hadn't planned for or knew about," Will St. Clair, a programmer for the campaign, told the magazine. "They'd sigh and say, 'You can do this as long as you stop doing it on Nov. 7.'"

"We ingested the entire U.S. social graph," Carol Davidsen, director of data integration and media analytics for Obama for America, told The Washington Post this week. "We would ask permission to basically scrape your profile, and also scrape your friends, basically anything that was available to scrape. We scraped it all."

Destroying or altering court evidence is a criminal offense under US federal law, punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

"The FBI-issued cell phone of Peter Strzok, whose previous texts to his mistress (also an FBI employee) showed fierce hostility to Trump, suddenly had problems due to "software upgrades" and other issues - and voila - all the messages between the two from Dec. 14, 2016, to May 17, 2017 vanished."
Speaking to the FBI on May 3, 2016, "[redacted] indicated he believed he had an ‘oh ----' moment and sometime between March 25-31, 2015 deleted the Clinton archive mailbox from the PRN server and used BleachBit to delete the exported .PST files he had created on the server system containing Clinton's e-mails."
She was asked repeatedly if she tried to wipe the server.

"I don't -- I have no idea, that's why we turned it over," Mrs. Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential front-runner, told reporters. "What, like with a cloth or something? ... I don't know how it works digitally at all."
1ST REPORTER: Can you tell us what you know about stories about shredding of Whitewater documents down in Arkansas-


1ST REPORTER: -particularly at the gubernatorial mansion?

HILLARY CLINTON: Oh, that didn't happen, and I know nothing about any other such stories.

2ND REPORTER: Are you saying you know nothing about documents relating to Whitewater ever being shredded anywhere that you know about, or authorized- or being authorized?

HILLARY CLINTON: Absolutely not.

CHRIS BURY (VO): But this month, in a sworn statement to the Resolution Trust Corporation, Hillary Clinton said, quote, 'It appears I cooperated with this effort ' - to dispose of such files.

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