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This article is as valid as the PJ media one currently on the Retort:

Quartz - Media Bias/Fact Check
Notes: Quartz (qz.com) is a digital global business news publication. It is owned by Atlantic Media Co., the publisher of The Atlantic, National Journal, and Government Executive. Quartz targets high-earning readers who traditionally read other left-leaning publications. Quartz has a left leaning bias in story selection, but is ...

#36 | POSTED BY DONNERBOY AT 2018-01-12 05:57 PM | FLAG: You are the ballpark with that.

Price and Interest
Condition Type of Security Explanation
Discount (price below par) 10-year Note Issue Date: 8/15/2005 Below par price required to equate to 4.35% yield
Premium (price above par) 10-year Note reopening* Issue Date: 9/15/2005 Above par price required to equate to 3.99% yield
Individual - Treasury Notes: Rates & Terms - TreasuryDirect

Personally. I'm invested in dividend paying stocks and MLPs which pay distributions which the majority pay well above that. With good solid investments I receive the yield regardless of the current stock price [whether up or down}.

Another thing I like about a 401k is that over the years and decades you are dollar cost averaging so in a down [Bear] market [like 08] you accumulate a greater number of shares for the same investment dollars which greatly increase in value in a following up [Bull] market. I have my wife's split between four mutual funds and one high yield [junk] bond fund.

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