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Don't have to ban semis


Last post.

I'd type it all again but I'm on my phone and it was bad enuff the first time.


Haha well poop on me. Didn't notice the date.


Correct one above.

Among 180 rifles, shotguns, and pistols police also received an AT4, which fires a single, unguided rocket meant to take out tanks and other vehicles. The weapon is only good for a one-time use. This one had already been fired or perhaps was a training model.

Read the last line which addresses #47. Either way, it isn't functional.



Was going to comment on this earlier, but once people get their minds set on an agenda it doesn't matter what the facts are, especially on this site.

FTA: Det. Gus Villanueva said the launchers were "stripped-down shells" without the technical parts needed to discharge a projectile. "They don't have capability to discharge anything anymore," he said.

As you said, it's just a fiberglass tube that once shot cannot be reloaded (It's not made to be fired more than once and cannot be reloaded). Make a fair blunt instrument if you're hands are big enough to use it like a club.

You guy buy them for about 300-400 bucks.

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