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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The reality is that the price of what are called "core" clean energy technologies -- including solar power, onshore and offshore wind, and batteries -- have seen "spectacular gains in cost-competitiveness" in just the last year, according to a Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) report released Tuesday. Modernizing and decarbonizing the country's aging energy infrastructure now has so many economic, environmental, and health benefits that the overall benefit of strong climate action would be enormous. read more

Monday, March 25, 2019

The hormonal or endocrine and the central nervous system work closley together Before surgery, most trans women take hormone therapy to encourage their transition, but some quit taking estrogen and other hormones after surgery Off hormones, they experience similar symptoms to menopause, which can also come with brain fog A new Brazilian and Canadian study found that being on estrogen improved the way the trans womens' brain regions communicated It boosted connections between the thalamus and areas for fine motor skills, memory and learning, emotions and sensory perception read more

Politics abhors a vacuum and Attorney General Bill Barr filled it Sunday when he tried to exonerate Donald Trump using the "Mueller report" as a fig leaf. Barr acted as judge and jury in a three page letter deeming Trump's innocence without any evidence, explanation, or even the Mueller report itself First, let me start with a fact. We have not seen the Mueller report. Let me repeat that ... We have not seen the Mueller report. Not one page. Not one paragraph. Not one period. Nothing. So, we have no idea what is in it, what Mueller did, what Mueller said, and what, if anything, Barr used from it to make his decisions. Speaking of decisions, if Barr is to be believed – and that's a big if – then Mueller wrote a report that didn't make one decision regarding any crimes he examined. Is this possible? It is hard to believe and highly unusual, if true.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

The marginalization of trans student athletes is rooted in the same harmful history of gender discrimination and stereotyping that has impeded the achievement of gender equality in sports as a whole. Old stereotypes regarding athleticism, biology, and gender are being directed at transgender girls, who are frequently told outright that they are not girls (and conversely transgender boys are told they are not really boys). This policing of gender has been used to justify subjecting transgender student athletes to numerous additional barriers to participating in sports, from onerous medical requirements to segregation in locker rooms to outright bans on their participation. The truth is, transgender women and girls have been competing in sports at all levels for years, and there is no research supporting the claim that they maintain a competitive advantage. As Yearwood rightfully pointed out, all athletes, cis and trans, compete with different advantages, but only some are questioned: read more


Do you not remember the Obama administration's edict regarding public school locker rooms?

POSTED BY JEFFJ AT 2019-04-15 05:18 PM | REPLY

Yeah how dare Obama protect trans students. You are a pathetic person Jeff. Beyond the pale actually.


DeVos: I Knew Trans Youth Would Be Harmed When I Ended Obama-Era Rules

"When you rolled back [the trans-inclusive] guidance did you know that the stress of harassment and discrimination can lead to lower attendance and grades as well as depression and anxiety for transgender students?," Bonamici asked. "Did you know that?"

DeVos responding by dodging, saying the government's Office of Civil Rights is committed to all students having equal access to education. Bonamici was undeterred, again asking DeVos if she knew the harm she was causing by rescinding policies that encouraged schools to acknowledge the gender identity of trans students.

"I do know [the harm it caused], but I can say again OCR is committed to ensuring all students have access to education..."

Bonamici followed up by asking DeVos if she was aware of a recent study by the American Academy of Pediatrics that uncovered shocking rates of suicide attempts by trans youth.

"I'm aware of that data," DeVos said.


Whenever a trans individual such as myself is critical of TERF ideology, we are labelled "misogynists" or "Men's Rights Activists", which is an interesting tactic and one that seems to actually make people question the TERF ethos more than swing the undecided towards their viewpoint. Merely by taking a stand against them, I and others like myself have been subjected to threats against our personal safety, been bombarded with spam, pornography, and signed up to various mailing lists in an attempt to silence our voices. Yet many transgender individuals are brave enough to continue pointing out where TERFs are wrong, in the hope that, at least for the transgender community, we can be treated as the men and women we truly are.


‘Feminists' Who Exclude Trans Women Aren't Feminists At All

The problem with having the word "feminist" in any of these descriptors is that these individuals and groups are not feminist by any normal definition. Even if you leave aside their positions on transgender people and look at their positions on women's issues in general, they are extremely retrograde. And while TERFs might have started out as a tiny group of fading second-wave feminists who never quite got over the fact that women can be both heterosexual and feminist, the movement is now essentially a bought-and-paid-for tool of ultra-conservative religious groups in the U.S. opposed to everything that feminism normally stands for.

TERF thought leaders who are widely accepted as representatives of their movement have taken horrifying positions on issues such as rape and bodily autonomy. Germaine Greer, author of The Female Eunuch, was recently brought on a much-publicized panel debate on TV in the U.K. as an opponent of transgender rights. She has also made chilling statements about rape.

Greer has said that rape isn't that bad, describing it as "something that leaves no sign, no injury, nothing." In the same interview, she said the penalty for rape should be reduced to "200 hours of community service." Greer pooh-poohed the Me Too movement, saying, "If you spread your legs because he said ‘Be nice to me and I'll give you a job in a movie,' then I'm afraid that's tantamount to consent, and it's too late now to start whingeing about that."


The stranger is Jesus in disguise
Within the New Testament, which Christians read in continuity with the Hebrew Bible or "The Old Testament," the most often cited passage dealing with welcoming the stranger is from Matthew 25: 31-40.

This section speaks of the Final Judgment, when the righteous will be granted paradise and unrepentant sinners will be consigned to eternal fire. Christ says to those at his right hand that they are "blessed" because

"I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me."

The righteous then ask,

"When did we see you, a stranger, and welcome you?"

Christ replies,

"‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.'"

As Matthew 25 makes clear, the Christians should see everyone as "Christ" in the flesh. Indeed, scholars argue that in the New Testament, "stranger" and "neighbor" are in fact synonymous. Thus the Golden Rule, "love your neighbor as yourself," refers not just to people whom you know – your "neighbors" in a conventional sense – but also to people whom you do not know.

Beyond this, in the letters written by Paul of Tarsus (one of the most notable of early Christian missionaries), often known as the Pauline "Epistles," it is made clear that in Christ,

I can't speak for Snoofy, but I am opposed to all restrictions up to the point if birth. Mainly because I haven't seen any evidence it is a problem. How many full term abortions are prevented by current law (that otherwise would have happened)? My guess is very few. And almost all of those probably SHOULD NOT be prevented (thing are "off" or actively going wrong, and there are implications for the viability of the fetus and the health if the woman).
Jeff... YOU want to put bureaucrats and politicians and judges between a woman and her doctor. You want those (mainly) white males to be dictating her health decisions and what is best for her family.
It is the same as "in person voter fraud". There is no evidence that it occurs to any significant degree, and in cases where it does occur there are almost always extenuating circumstances completely contrary to the Republican narrative (in the case of voter fraud it is usually just due to ignorance and/or mistakes made by the system).
Your argument is a very blatant "appeal to emotion". But that is how you manipulate ignorant people. You build up a morally reprehensible strawman and demand that people follow your plan or claim that they are supporting your made up scenario that there is almost no evidence occurs to any significant degree. You want to severely limit the freedoms of every woman to make the decisions they think are best for them and their families. Please quantify the societal benefit that you think is gained by confiscating more rights from about half of American citizens.

#27 | POSTED BY GTBRITISHSKULL AT 2019-04-11 10:56 AM | FLAG:

Repeated because it needs repeating.

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