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Monday, September 24, 2018

Our uncanny ability to make a mess isn't limited to this planet. "Space junk," aka debris left behind from satellites, rockets and other projects, is a growing problem in Earth's orbit. If you've seen the film "Gravity" you have an idea of just how problematic, and even deadly, just a small amount of space debris can be when it accelerates to incredible speeds in our planet's orbit. That junk poses a very real threat to the International Space Station, the Hubble Telescope and other projects. So, a British team from the University of Surrey just successfully tested a net that shoots out to capture floating debris. It's as cool as it sounds as here's some black and white video showing it in all of its glory. "This is not sci-fi. We repeat, not sci-fi,"... it's real. read more

Sunday, September 23, 2018

A second woman has come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against President Donald Trump's US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Deborah Ramirez, a Yale university classmate of the judge, detailed the alleged incident to the New Yorker. She alleges Mr Kavanaugh exposed his genitals at a dormitory party and thrust them in her face, causing physical contact without consent. read more

Saturday, September 22, 2018

US President Donald Trump will fail in his confrontation with Iran, just like Iraq's Saddam Hussein, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday and vowing that Tehran will not abandon its missiles. Iran has suggested in recent weeks that it could take military action in the Gulf to block other countries' oil exports in retaliation for US sanctions intended to halt its sales of crude. "The same will happen to Trump. America will suffer the same fate as Saddam Hussein," Rouhani said in a speech carried live by state television. State media said about 600 vessels took part in the Gulf naval drill on Saturday. read more

Gunmen have opened fire during an Iranian military parade in the south-western city of Ahvaz, killing several people, including civilians, and injuring at least 20, state media say. The attackers shot from a park near the parade and were wearing military uniforms. The attackers fired at civilians and attempted to attack military officials on the podium. The shooting lasted for about 10 minutes. Iran is marking the anniversary of the beginning of the 1980-88 war with Iraq with several parades across the nation. read more

Friday, September 21, 2018

A cockpit mix-up left more than 30 passengers on an Indian Boeing 737 bleeding from their ears and noses Thursday after the crew reportedly forgot to flick a switch regulating cabin air pressure. read more


But to say automation confuses people is a new low.

I never say things which I can't back up... you should know that by now.

Do you know that Airbus have a far higher level of automated systems than American aircraft? Unfortunately, they sold some Airbus planes to India... From Wiki:

Indian Airlines Flight 605 was a scheduled domestic passenger flight from the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in India's city of Mumbai to Hindustan Airport in Bengaluru, the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka. On 14 February 1990, the Airbus A320-231 plane registered in India as VT-EPN, crashed onto a golf course while attempting to land at the Bangalore International Airport, killing 92 out of the 146 people.

The crash drew criticism among the Indian Commercial Pilot Association which claimed that Airbus' A320 had severe flaws. They claimed that the aircraft's systems were too confusing and that the crew of Flight 605 was struggling to avert the crash.

Since then planes sold to India have "confusing" systems removed.

There is a reason why the Indian Airforce has the highest crash rate in the world. There is a reason why the Mig-21 is still the backbone of their airforce (it doesn't have "confusing" automatic systems). LOL

I have been overseas many times. I have also been to India. And every Indian I met was.. not normal. I guess this is what happens when you still have Caste System in place. The incompetent are given jobs because they belong to the Brahmin Caste.

Now you understand? I am not calling them incompetent. They themselves say they are too dumb to handle automatic systems.

#15 | Posted by Rightocenter at 2018-09-21 04:43 PM | Reply | Flag: Aren't you the guy who still believes we WON in Vietnam?

So I guess we know what YOU are smoking. LOL

It is true planes like the F-22 and F-35 are 5th Gen and are "better" than the SU-35 which is 4th Gen.

But see... these are just labels.

Back in Vietnam, we had the M-16 and they had the AK-47. In every way possible, the M-16 was superior to the AK.

Until it got dirty. Then it jammed.

Guess which gun won the war? The "inferior" weapon did.

F-22? 10 hours of maintenance for every hour of flight time? LOL... Yeah... go and fight a war using THAT. Yes, it is "superior"... but not for real world fighting. And it gives it's pilots oxygen deprivation.. that problem never went away totally.

F-35? Also sooo superior, it will be shot down in seconds in a dogfight. LOL

Turkey is the second most powerful country in NATO?

By manpower and by geography. Not by nukes. I explained that for morons. You still didn't get it.

the Chinese, who have been touting their "awesome" weaponry, have to turn, hat in hand, to the Russians for weapons

The Chinese like to get all kinds of new stuff in case they missed something in their own research. They will of course make knock-offs while improving on the original.

For example the Chinese J-11-D has an AESA radar while the SU-35 has an older generation PESA radar. Both planes are updated versions of the original SU-27.

So why do they want the SU-35? For the engines, of course. Chinese engine tech is way behind.


US officials said that the US could consider similar action against other countries taking delivery of Russian fighter jets and missiles.

Turkey is in talks to buy S-400 missile systems from Russia.


DOTARDISTAN is going to sanction NATO's second most powerful country?

hahahahahahahahaha.... I hope they do!

End of NATO.. which is what DOTARD always wanted.

Chinese anger at US sanctions for Russian weapons purchases


China has told the US to withdraw sanctions on its military over purchases of Russian jets and missiles or "bear the consequences".


Inferior Russian garbage?

Nobody... not even American sources... are calling the SU-35 Super Flanker "garbage". For the first time, Russia has made a plane that has tech BETTER than Western tech.

And the S-400?

All American made missiles are actual rubbish compared to that. Meanwhile Russia is moving onward to the S-500. China and Russia... specially China.. have far better missile tech than any country in the West.

What people think of Russian "garbage" are things like old tanks and artillery and rusting old nuclear subs. Fighter jets and missiles are another story altogether.

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