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Sunday, November 05, 2017

China has unveiled a massive ship described as a "magic island maker" that is Asia's largest dredging vessel, state media reported Saturday. The ship, capable of building artificial islands of the sort the country has constructed in the contested South China Sea, was launched Friday at a port in eastern Jiangsu province, according to the state-owned China Daily. The boat named Tian Kun Hao is capable of digging 6,000 cubic meters an hour, the equivalent of three standard swimming pools, the newspaper said. read more

Saturday, November 04, 2017

US President Donald Trump's Twitter account was deactivated by a Twitter employee who was leaving the company on Thursday and was down for 11 minutes before it was restored, the social media company said.

The outage was noticed by many across the country. read more

Friday, November 03, 2017

Iranian officials have repeatedly said that Tehran would stick to the nuclear accord as long as the other signatories respected it. But it has warned about the consequences if the deal falls apart. "We will never accept their bullying over the nuclear deal ... Americans are using all the wickedness to damage the result of the nuclear talks," Khamenei said to chants of "Death to America" by students. "Any retreat by Iran will make America more blatant and impudent ... Resistance is the only option." read more

People were dressing up as Donald Trump for Halloween long before he became president, but the latest costume inspired by the businessman-turned-politician is meant for both his critics and his fans.

The team behind the incredibly successful ---- Jerry social media accounts and the What Do You Meme? game have created the 'Ride on Trump' costume -- which is cleverly designed to make it look like the wearer is sitting on the president's shoulders.

'Hate Trump? Love Trump? Want to cry? This costume is for you!' read more

Thursday, November 02, 2017

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he would end the popular US green card lottery after a radicalized Uzbek man who entered the country under the program killed eight people in New York. "I am starting the process of terminating the diversity lottery program," Trump told reporters. "We have to do what's right to protect our citizens," he said. "We will get rid of this lottery program as soon as possible." read more


The CIA has released hundreds of thousands of new documents, images, and computer files recovered during the May 2011 raid on Osama bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad.

One 19-page file in the cache of documents contains a senior al-Qaeda militant's analysis of the group's relationship with Iran.

According to the author's version of events in the 19-page dossier, Iran had offered some ‘Saudi nationals' of al Qaeda all the support they needed in terms of ‘money', ‘arms' and ‘training' at Hezbollah camps in Lebanon, in exchange for targeting installations of American interest in the Gulf region.

Iranian intelligence agencies arranged the travel of some operatives, and provided shelter to others. Abu Hafs alMauritani, a radical with considerable influence in militant circles, helped facilitate the provision of safe houses for his al-Qaeda colleagues inside Iran.

Bin Ladin wrote a letter to his followers saying Iran was the organisation's "main artery for funds, personnel, and communication".

Despite speculations, there is little evidence to lend credence to the claims that there were elements within the Pakistani security establishment who helped the al Qaeda chief reside in the country.

And some newly released files decry Pakistan's betrayal of the militants after the terrorist attacks of September 11, and supposedly point the incident as the turning point in the relationship between the two.

In short, Bin Ladin considered Pakistan a traitor to his cause and al-Qaeda was an Iranian funded group.

So much for suckers like DANNI who claim "but Iran never tried to hurt us".

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