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Sunday, February 17, 2019

A man was arrested on hate crime charges in the US state of California after he punched a Sikh clerk and threw hot coffee on him as he believed the victim was a Muslim, according to a media report. He told police he "hated Muslims" and attacked the Sikh clerk because he believed he's Muslim. The Sikh clerk told officers that Crain had prepared himself a cup of coffee and attempted to leave without paying, according to a Marysville Police Department press release. He is seen in the CCTV footage confronting Crain at the front door before being attacked. The victim suffered injuries from the hot coffee, as well as a contusion on his face, police said. read more

Saturday, February 16, 2019

French schools are to replace the words "mother" and "father" with "parent 1" and "parent 2" under an amendment to a law passed this week. Supporters of the change say it will stop discrimination against same sex parents but critics argue it "dehumanises" parenthood, is "ugly" and could lead to rows over who gets to be "parent 1". read more

After 77 years, the wreck of the USS Hornet has finally been found, lying more than three miles deep in South Pacific waters. The storied aircraft carrier -- sunk by Japanese torpedoes in 1942 with the loss of 140 men -- played a critical role during the Second World War, most famously in the Doolittle Raid and the Battle of Midway. Videos taken by remote vehicle showed the aircraft carrier's 5-inch guns still pointing upward, along with a gaping hole in the ship's hull. Incredibly, an aircraft tug can still be seen sitting upright -- a scene that's all the more unbelievable given the ship plummeted some 3.3 miles before settling on the seafloor. read more

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The sixth multinational Aman Exercise reached its conclusion on Tuesday. It was like a scene from a war movie with ships, frigates, boats, special forces elements and a big support ship in the sea, all present and ready for action. A refuelling demonstration was followed by a rocket depth charge (RDC) firing demonstration from both PNS Aslat and PNS Saif (frigates). The frigates and others taking part in the exercise then fired at a given pre-deployed target in the form of a giant red killer tomato. The exercise also included an impressive flypast with P3-C Orions, ATRs and Fokker aircraft and Seaking and Allouette helicopters of not just Pakistan Navy but those of Italy, China and Turkey as well. read more

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Far more people around the world now believe that their countries are threatened by US power and influence under President Donald Trump than they are by the other global heavyweights, Russia or China, according to a new Pew Research Centre survey, released on Sunday. Yes indeed. WE are the bad guy who needs to be taught some manners. read more


Watch thrust vectoring" at 5:45....


Some people can't tell the difference between the above scale model plane (Pak JF-17/China FC-1) and the real deal. LOL


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