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Friday, February 15, 2019

Look at that photo of me and my daughter and tell me you know better than I do. Listen to me when I am talking to you. I am a human being, and I am more than a vessel and I speak for my daughter whom I never heard cry. I speak for that 17-year-old girl bent across a kitchen counter. I speak for the strange woman I have become. And I speak to all of the women like me, the ones who came before, and after, who have been or will be in the same position ― or perhaps your story is completely different and powerful in its own right.


"This finding aligns in some ways with previous research by the University of Pennsylvania professor Diana Mutz, who has found that white, highly educated people are relatively isolated from political diversity. They don't routinely talk with people who disagree with them; this isolation makes it easier for them to caricature their ideological opponents."

That's interesting. Two nights ago I was eating at a Diner with my daughter in a booth behind three old (late 60s early 70s from the look of them) white guys who were talking politics. From what I was able to hear they were all clearly liberal. The thing that bothered me was how intolerant they were of ideas that didn't conform to their orthodoxy, of which I was probably mostly in agreement. The subject that bothered me was their discussion on global warming. They complained about how people weren't willing to make the sacrifices necessary to take necessary action. I really wanted to step up to them and explain that it was not nearly as simple as they were making it out to be.

For these men this decade was not much different to them in terms of their way of life as the aughts, or the 90s, 80s, or even 70s, but for people with young families there is only a relatively small window of time where they are able to raise their children up to be successful adults, so any sacrifices to be made would hit those families far worse than they would affect themselves.

Now, this being Chelsea, and from other tells, I am reasonably sure none of these guys have ever had children of their own, and I don't necessarily hold it against them for living in their bubble. It's not like there's a long history in this country of people being tolerant toward openly homosexual people, but they need to understand that the people who are going to be responsible for helping them maintain their lifestyle as they age are other people's children, who have every right to the opportunities these themselves were able to take advantage of when they were young. Or at least they could be a little sympathetic to how different their situation is in comparison to that facing younger generations.

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