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Thursday, March 01, 2018

Missouri House committee unanimously, with strong GOP majority, votes to begin impeachment investigation against Eric Greitens. read more

Thursday, February 22, 2018

I think we can all agree. Either you think he's guilty and for moral and practical reasons he needs to step aside and let Lt. Governor Parsons take over. Or he is not guilty, but is still a huge distraction in a state where the GOP has a super majority in the legislature and can pass a conservative agenda with relative ease. Of course, he can be guilty AND a huge distraction. I'm calling resignation by Wednesday (end of month).

Student states he was not allowed to ask his question regarding armed guards and was provided a predetermined question by CNN.


"I can still remember their names more than 30 years later"
Good grief!
Let-go stuff much?


Wait a second. I'm not sure what James G Elliott was trying to convey in his original post, but bullying is humiliating to the point of being traumatic. Anyone who's been bullied would agree.

Shortly after the Parkland shooting there was a viral post on Facebook for a gentleman talked about being bullied daily on the school bus. It became so bad that the bullies followed this gentleman home one day and began banging on the door and outside walls. He ended up putting a shotgun against the door and was about to shoot his classmates but a car pulled into the driveway before he could do it.

A dramatic story to be sure, but anyone who's been subject to daily bullying and humiliation can honestly tell you they've at the very least fantasized about physically harming their bullies. Some have laid out a plan, but never seen it through. Still others have taken a gun to school but didn't go through with the action for any number of reasons.

I can remember the names my bullies, I'd wager most people can and will until the day they die. You can like or dislike whoever you want on this site, But the fact that someone remembers the name of his or her tormentors does not indicate there a person who "cannot let it go ".

I was a smaller kid through most of my elementary and junior high, and was subject to bullying. I've worked with victims of bullying in the years since. You have no idea the humiliation they are going through in the rage that is building inside them.

The fact that any of us were bullied doesn't mean that the student in this article is himself a bully. I don't know what Erickson was referring to. Still, the fact that someone agrees with Erickson doesn't mean you get the privilege to make fun of him for being tormented in his youth.

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