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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Georgia teen who lost part of his legs when he was run over by a train has sued the railroad company and operators.

Jacob Ohl, 17, was walking along railroad tracks on March 2 in Liliburn when he was hit by an oncoming train that did not have a functioning camera, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. read more

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

In a significant setback for marriage equality, the Texas Supreme Court has allowed the denial, for now, of spousal benefits for government employees in same-sex marriages. The nine-member, all-Republican court ruled unanimously on a case that began after Houston's first openly gay mayor, Annise Parker, granted spousal benefits in 2013 to city government employees who had been legally married outside of the state. Shortly after, a suit accused Houston of violating Texas law, which still banned same-sex marriages. A state trial court agreed with Pidgeon and reversed Parker's order. read more

Sunday, July 09, 2017

It was about a year ago that Ornella Mouketou walked into the emergency room at the George Washington University Hospital in Washington, D.C., and told them she wanted to end her life.
One of the little-talked-about effects of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, was to boost access to mental health care for the poor. For people like Mouketou, access to mental health care can mean the difference between being able to hold down a job or not. read more

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Five Americans were among the 10 runners injured on the course on the second day of the seven-day festival of San Fermin in Pamplona, Spain, better known as the Running of the Bulls. read more

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

In the hot and arid Middle East, clean water is liquid gold. Faced with limited rainfall and a grueling climate, Israel has increasingly relied on seawater since it built its first desalination plant in Eilat in the 1960s. Today, about 60 percent of Israel's domestic water demand is met through desalination – the process by which salt and other impurities are removed from seawater to produce potable water.


#57 | Posted by JeffJ

Paper and ink cost money. Publishing a book without money is impossible. What does it have to do with the 1st Amendment? Book-writing is a form of speech and its every bit as protected as flag-burning.
Aren't you arguing a false equivalence by saying it costs money to publish a book and therefore money is speech? I mean really. That is such a stretch... Today a book can be "published" electronically with a net cost to an individual of zero dollars very literally. That said a donation to a campaign does not publish a book and probably not a flyer either. Nor do you need books or money to campaign period. When you allow money to become speech you are in effect saying that speech is NOT "free". In fact you are saying if you have money your speech is worth more inherently. When the uber wealthy and mega corporations make huge donations to candidates they expect a "return" on their investments to suggest otherwise is simply foolish. Citizens donating $5-$100 or even $1000 are in effect drowned out unless they happen to be the same. Look at Democratic funding recently vs Republican - stats are out there and Republican's don't support their candidates like Democrats do. Not even close.

If a company provides jobs, even jobs paying less than a "living wage", it is providing value both in terms of income for all who work there and goods and services to be consumed by customers.
You missed the point entirely. It is providing income insufficient to employees to survive in society, the value it is generating is insufficient to justify the resources going into it. Society would be better off without it and it replacing it with a business that does provide a service of value. If you are okay with welfare for 50% of America then by all means let's not pay living wages. If not, you can't say it's okay not to pay a living wage. Otherwise we are headed back to the times of sweatshops and indentured servitude.

I don't know of any conservatives who think regulations prohibiting the dumping of toxic materials into rivers is a bad thing, or regulations requiring the employment of scrubbers in smoke stacks or catalytic converters in cars. That type of thing is in a completely different ballpark than draconion and absurdly expensive proposals to try and cut CO2 emissions.
Actually I do. They think the free market will drive companies that do so out of business. Why are those things good but not other regulations? Here is the thing - we trusted corporations to be the caretakers of the environment. Time and again they have shown us that if there is no money in it they won't do it. We have outright banned practices and chemicals - corporations found cleaner ways to handle the same tasks. CO2 scrubbers are just the latest. Corporations will whine like always but it will drive innovation and change. In this case in particular - green energy. But we are letting China lead there so....

Knowing what I know... If there are halfway okay systems in place you can NOT avoid leaving traces. You have your set of tools. Tools at a level above script kiddie become individualized. There is monitoring and logs and ways of protecting logs. On and on. It's naive to think or propose anything but time would obscure all traces of a break in. (As in time for everything to be over written or deprecated.) The very nature of hacking and the reasons for doing it lead to embedding yourself so you are sure you can get back in. I can think of a lot of traces you could erase but you have to have so much access it isn't funny. A hack does not necessarily give you "full" access to a network - time and again we see that.

A coworker took an hour to identify and analyze a local businesses' "network problem" this weekend. The professional services company they use had spun their wheels for a month blaming everything but the actual cause - a compromised server. This was just amateur hour compromise and professional services both. But in under an hour he figured out what was happening, shut it down and identified the software doing it - all manually and with misguided information being provided to him.

Nobody on my team is a "security guru" and we have had several hack attempts on our resources. Most of them trace back to China. I am going out on a limb but here are biggest issues with IT - Outsourcing (no investment in the client REALLY - no matter what you are cutting corners or it is costing you more than in house) and People who don't belong in IT (IT is all about the details).

Businesses shouldn't have to pay a living wage? - yes, because it's economically impossible. If it is economically impossible there is no reason for the company to exist as it has no real value to society.

We don't need clean air and water? - Straw man Yes the phrasing is a bit of a Straw man. It's been said by sooooo many conservatives in "other words" it isn't funny. It is the principle that is exuded. "Corporations will make sure everything is clean..." Wink Wink Nudge

Refusing to bake a cake for a gay couple is religious freedom? - Yet it's perfectly OK to refuse service to people who voted for Trump. There is a duty to not discriminate when you are a business. If my religion is "White Supremacy Glorified" would I be able to deny service to minorities? NO. And who says it's okay to refuse service to people that voted for Trump based on that reason alone? I don't agree with that. I don't want to go where I am not wanted either though - but I have a certain amount of luxury in that area. But fun fact federal law generally doesn't ban political affiliation discrimination, so it ends up being a matter of state and local law.

Money is the same as speech? - The 1st Amendment is the 1st Amdendment. Publishing a book requires money. To forbid the publishing of a book violates the 1st Amendment. What does it costing money to publish a book have to do with the 1st Amendment? Actually in truth - you can publish a book without money.

A job is a gift from a rich person? - Straw man Won't disagree but it's the attitude we see from many on the right. We are talking principles here.

#42 | Posted by JeffJ

#10 | Posted by danni

Look I agree with you on most things. You are in Florida - sorry but that is anything but Middle America. Florida is it's own beast and it is also on the east Coast.

The voter disenfranchisement aimed like a laser at the Democrat's base hurt yes.

The tactics being employed by the Right to eliminate the vote of the poor have been well played. aka Crosscheck.

The laws voter registration laws - in particular in the south - have been mercilessly manipulated. Yes.

I live in one of the most Gerrymandered states in the Union - Michigan. I know about Voter disenfranchisement. We have what I think is a rather stupid proposal for a "citizens' redistricting commission" to "fix" that. Despite the language not being finalized yet, I see this as something people will perhaps manipulate easier than the controlling party. In other words it will be stackable just like our current legislature.

And maybe you live in a special place where there are no people that supported Trump (I really doubt that since it is Florida) but I know MANY. I bet 80% of the people I work with voted Trump. His populist messages hit home in the midwest. It actually shocked me he took Michigan. People are tired of waiting for change. The problem is their head in the sand ignorance of the new reality. That and many with crazy Christian beliefs. The right wing radio is strong here. People listen to it and are brainwashed by it all day long. Where ever I go in the Shop I hear it. I get out of work - at least 50% of people I interact with are "conservative". The ideas of Democrat, Liberal and Socialism have been vilified for these people by the continual right wing brain washing they subject themselves to day after day.

You are right - I don't know what was done if anything to actually hack the election itself, the devices or the voter rolls. I do not like the Michigan Recount was stopped. I do not like that the initial count took so long. I do not like that literally every single electronic voting device was easily hacked by an expert. BUT I am not going to worry terribly about it now and I am going to work on reform. I will support efforts that want to look into it yes. BUT I don't BELIEVE at this time a hack sufficient to alter the election took place - there were certainly breaches of data though. The election system needs to be labeled critical infrastructure and be taken under control.

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