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Tuesday, April 02, 2019

The Department of Homeland Security has disbanded a group of intelligence analysts who focused on domestic terrorism, The Daily Beast has learned. Numerous current and former DHS officials say they find the development concerning, as the threat of homegrown terrorism -- including white supremacist terrorism -- is growing. read more

Sunday, March 24, 2019

It started with a traveler from Israel, where measles has been raging for months, making nearly 3,000 people sick and killing at least two people. The person went to New York, where yet another outbreak is under way. And then they visited the Detroit area. read more

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Boeing's original 737 Max safety analysis, used by the FAA to certify the aircraft, may have had several serious flaws, according to a report from the Seattle Times. The problems revolved around a software system called MCAS, suspected to have contributed to the Lion Air and Air Ethiopia crashes that killed 346 people in total. Investigators are also looking at possible maintenance lapses and potential pilot error. The situation may have been compounded by FAA rules that allow aircraft manufacturers to do some of the certification themselves.


#9 | Posted by cbob

Only in 2 of 4 cited cases. I haven't been to a resort with an in room minibar in the Dominican that I remember.

The other 2 - could be a lot of things. "Natural causes" is utter BS for the Bahia Principe La Romana - you don't have 2 people together die at the same time from the same "natural causes" - pulmonary edema specifically. Not to mention another person just prior again with pulmonary edema at the same resort. That could be spiked drinks or it could be use of a pesticide in a manner not approved of and dangerous. I guess it could be other things too but I would lean toward one of those 2. The Bahia Principe is not in an area I have stayed in either. I like Punta Cana - great beaches and weather.

The Hard Rock is near where I usually stay. It's a nice place. And don't knock the Hard Rock. Overseas they get a lot of young people in the Hard Rock Cafes and they are HARD rock. Just was at one with friends in Lisbon - we met people we know in Europe for a coordinated vacation. It was the young people that wanted to go there and it was mostly young people in it. As for the poisoning at the Resort - and yes that HAS to be a poisoning. Just wow - shocking.

We have been going to these all inclusive resorts for years. As outlined though - millions of visitors annually and a few cases surfaced. How many homicides happen in a relatively Safe city of that size annually? When things happen resorts do seek to sweep them under the carpet as much as possible and so do the local officials and I dare say national officials as well. No place is 100% safe. You don't know who the other guests are or the staff. Not to mention other locals. I usually stay on resort except for excursions - frankly because it is easier and these vacations for me are to relax. When I do go somewhere my radar is usually up. Frankly I love Puerto Vallarta and Punta Cana. PV for the fact I feel safe venturing off resort and going around town - not to mention some of the fun stuff there. PC - simply has magnificent beaches and it is not too pricey yet.

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