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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Donald Trump declared last year in his populist presidential nomination acceptance speech that he's "not able to look the other way" when the nation's political system "has sold out to some corporate lobbyist for cash."

But behind the scenes, several major corporations and trade groups secretly bankrolled a plush hideaway for lawmakers at the same Republican National Convention in Cleveland where Trump gave the speech, records obtained by the Center for Public Integrity show.

Comcast Corp., Microsoft, Koch Companies Public Sector, the National Retail Federation, Health Care Service Corp., the American Petroleum Institute, Chevron and AT&T are among the companies, associations and lobbying powerhouses that funded a limited liability company called "Friends of the House 2016 LLC," according to bank records.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Earl Granville remembers someone from Outside Magazine taking the picture after he'd finished a 60-hour, 70-plus mile Spartan Race Photo. There's Earl, his prosthetic leg in frame, decked in a black-and-white shirt that reads "Agoge."

That's the name of the grueling, two-and-a-half-day endurance test he'd just finished. It's a race so rigorous, even for those without a prosthesis to worry about, that "Every man dies, but not every man lives" is its tagline.

Granville lived, and he's been in the news plenty since that race. This past April, he made national headlines when he slung his race guide, Andi Piscopo, over his shoulder and carried her across the finish line of the Boston Marathon. ABC News even wrote it up: "Veteran Who Lost Leg in Afghanistan Carries Friend Across Boston Marathon Finish Line." read more

Saturday, September 23, 2017

double murder trial had a "severe case" of a degenerative brain disease. Aaron Hernandez, 27, suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a condition associated with head injury, his family lawyer said. ... Researchers at Boston University, which studies the progressive degenerative disease that is found in people with a history of repetitive head trauma, found Hernandez's brain to be at "an advanced stage" of CTE, according to Mr Baez. "It was the most severe case they had ever seen," he told reporters in Boston on Thursday.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Federal investigators believe Facebook's servers contain a wealth of hard data that could shed light on the central question of American politics in 2017: Did Donald Trump's campaign collude with the Russian government? But Facebook told The Daily Beast on Wednesday that "we aren't well placed to know if something like coordination occurred" between the Trump campaign and Russia. The social media giant then declined to commit to releasing information about Russian government-backed Facebook posts, groups, and paid advertisements to the users who encountered them.

Friday, September 15, 2017

To get a better perspective on the problem, I reached out to Madison Faupel, who interned for my wife this summer. Instead of perspective, I got a first-hand testimonial.

She's the president of the University of Minnesota's College Republican chapter. Her group sparked controversy last fall when it reserved space and painted a mural on the Washington Avenue Bridge to promote their student group.

Her group settled on three slogans: "College Republicans, The Best Party on Campus," "Trump Pence 2016," and "Build the Wall."

Within an hour, the panels had been vandalized, and protesters had surrounded the panels. Some of the vandalism included the following statements: "STOP WHITE SUPREMACY NOW" and "Hate Speech is not Free Speech."


Pointing out genetic traits common in a population is not racist. It's called science. Sickle cell is a black trait. There are a few white people who come down with that disorder, but it is very rare, it is an adaptation to combat malaria . Most Asians are lactose intolerant, and they do not do dairy. Those of African heritage have a tendency to gain weight, develop heart problems and diabetes. That was probity adaptive in prehistory in their environment, very efficient digestive systems that stores excess food readily in fat. I am European, mostly and I have enough sense to avoid extreme exposure to the sun. So if heart problems and diabetes are an issue, modify your diet and life style.
#12 | Posted by GalaxiePete, Honestly dude, you realize the worst foods for diabetes are ones with high fat, IE meat? Most Vegans and vegetarians spend less on food? GO to any black neighborhood and I will guarantee you will not see a single Vegan restaurant, ever. Barbecue joints and KFC by the score. Liquor stores a plenty. But you will have a hard time finding fresh fruit. That is not a conspiracy, businesses follow demand.

#22 | Posted by docnjo

I wasn't talking about the genetic traits piece - EVERY group has their genetic weaknesses. I have bread tropical fish for 35 years you learn a lot about genetics early on if you are going to be successful. The add-on sentence of hers was TOTALLY racist.

Honestly? I don't live there but I work in the ghetto and have always spent a lot of time around it because of family who never moved out as it went to ghetto. Virtually the entirety of the city has gone in that direction now. It is a primarily black area - 70%? Throw in on top of it my wife and I are mostly vegetarian. I still eat meat a few times a week and have no plans on giving it up but she went full on Vegetarian. We spend about 50% more than we used to on food since the transition. Try eating out and going to a "vegan" restaurant. Double the price. That said CHEAP meat is LOADED with fat. Cheap processed foods are loaded with added sugars and calories. The CALORIES lead to obesity and heart disease as much or more than fat. Of course high end steaks are loaded with fat too if you want to be picky. No offense but if you go into a black neighborhood they are usually poor (I have personally never seen a middle class one) and what is there is usually "comfort" food kind of restaurants. I have no problem finding fresh fruit when I hit the two markets near work though. It's there. But everyone but the poorest of the poor usually goes to the nearby suburbs to food shop - 5 miles by car or bus... But that said I have to go blocks of the way to get to a liquor store in that area - but I have about 15 within a mile in suburbia (guess I am saying THAT liquor store stereotype doesn't fly but I won't deny alcohol abuse.) Now when I have visited other cities I wasn't familiar with it was pretty much the same. Actually I know a Turkish guy that sets up new liquor stores and then sells them. I am familiar with what he looks for - i.e. his market research. Part of what he looks for areas outside the poverty zones - no money in them, too many security issues, etc.

There is a lot to debate on the chicken or the egg on the issue of why about so much of this. The question comes down to why the poverty? Racism is the answer. It results in the poverty and Poor Education, Crime, Drug/Alcohol, Broken families, Domestic Violence etc. It all tracks back to racism though. The bottom line is there has been a mentality in this country of suppression going back to it's very founding. Suppressing blacks via slavery. Suppressing the Native Americans via invasion. Suppressing every new group coming over as a matter of fact. The main reason the white groups eventually fit in? They are white. Nobody else has had the success of white groups in melting into society.

#11 | Posted by Rightocenter

To be clear - Everything I have read is that Hillary and the State Department didn't have the power in determining whether or not to allow all the transaction to happen. Here is a great condensed read with many links.

Snippet from a link in the article:

First, the State Department did approve of Russia's gradual takeover of a company with significant U.S. uranium assets, but it didn't act unilaterally. State was one of nine government agencies, not to mention independent federal and state nuclear regulators, that had to sign off on the deal.

Second, while nine people related to the company did donate to the Clinton Foundation, it's unclear whether they were still involved in the company by the time of the Russian deal and stood to benefit from it.

Third, most of their Clinton Foundation donations occurred before and during Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential bid, before she could have known she would become secretary of state.

The bottom line: While the connections between the Clinton Foundation and the Russian deal may appear fishy, there's simply no proof of any quid pro quo.

Here's the thing - if there is evidence and she and others are guilty - THROW THE BOOK AT THEM. Trump is President. Elf on the Shelf is head of the DOJ - where are the indictments?

If you look around there have been couple big stories this week on this front.

- Going after 2 major Chinese fentanyl (and derivatives) manufacturers and distributors - FINALLY Link
- States are going after manufacturers. Insys is a great example of big pharma gone bad. (Insys paid kickbacks, including sham speaker fees to medical practitioners to prescribe Subsys and defrauded insurers into paying for it. Subsys is an opioid FDA approved for end of life terminal treatment ONLY they pushing to be given out for EVERYTHING.) The problem is the there is not enough financial pain or criminal prosecutions. Probably never will be - slap on the wrist and move along.

But Trump? Trump seriously doesn't give a damn - actions speak louder than words. Let's get rid of healthcare for people vs let's go after the opioid epidemic...

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