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Monday, November 19, 2018

A bird rescue center in Peoria is trying to find the owner of one colorfully dressed pigeon. read more

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher is being charged by the Navy with stabbing and murdering a wounded person, shooting at noncombatants, posing for a photo and performing his re-enlistment ceremony next to a dead body.

Silence was broken by rapid staccato. Not gunfire but anxious fingers typing words onto creamy white paper with Canadian Legion War Services letterhead at the top. A soldier was writing a letter to a girl on the other side of the world. It was the middle of March 1944, in the hills of central Italy. The Canadian soldier, a lieutenant commanding the 11th Canadian ­Armoured Regiment, was waiting for the rain to cease so his men could start ­moving again through the sodden terrain. He didn't write about what could lie ahead: the next assault on Monte Cassino, already one of the Allies' deadliest battles in the Italian campaign. The Canadian soldier, Harry Mac­donald, my grandfather, had sent Jacquelyn Robinson dozens of letters, spanning several years -- letters written in spidery cursive by candlelight as rain ­pounded down on corrugated rooftops or amid the blasts of nearby shelling. He ­frequently apologized for his messy handwriting, hoping his words would be legible. read more

SURJIT KHAN'S "Truck Union" is part of a new crop of trucker songs hitting America's highways. Mr Khan's is one of a growing chorus of Indian trucking songs, the soundtrack to a shift in the freight industry. Gurinder Singh Khalsa, the chairman of Sikhs PAC, a Sikh political organisation, says there are approximately 150,000 Sikhs in trucking, 90% of whom are drivers. Those numbers are growing rapidly, with 18,000 Sikhs entering the industry in 2017 alone. The North American Punjabi Trucking Association (NAPTA) estimates that Sikhs control about 40% of trucking in California. This is an extension of a trend that began farther north; Sikhs already play an outsize part in Canadian trucking. NAPTA, which is based in California but seeks to represent Sikh truckers in both America and Canada, was formed this year. This is not the only way Sikh truckers are making their presence felt. A network of Indian truck stops is spreading along the main routes, serving some fine daal and naan bread. read more

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Pinecoin -- "Money Grown on Trees," "Tokenized Maine Pine Cones," "A pine cone with an ERC-20 token for Proof-of-Authenticity" -- is a little different. Of course it is an ICO parody. (An "Initial Cone Offering.") But it is less strenuous than most ICO parodies: It takes a light touch with the crypto jargon, and the punch line is not "send us money for a dumb token lol." They don't want money for their tokens. They'll give you the tokens for free, as I understand it, but you have to attach them to a pine cone. ("Add a token identifier to a metal rim paper tag. Tie a loop of twine and attach the tag.") The pine cone must be from an eastern white pine found in Maine, at least 5 inches long, female, with stem attached. "Must be unsquished and crisp when dry," says the specification, poetically. Then you have a pine cone with a token attached. Nothing much else seems to happen. read more


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