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Here's a pretty good article discussing what has been built, what hasn't and why:


From the article :

"Of the 1,933 miles along the border, 1,279 miles is unfenced."

BTW - unfenced means without any physical barrier. I don't think this supports the assertion that " most of the wall is built or renovated" but I'm sure a Trumper will be along to point out the error of my interpretation.

For those who are interested, Jeremy Corbyn has a long history of being anti-EU:


If the Conservative party fall to pieces - and it seems quite likely - then it would be necessary to call a general election. Corbyn hopes that this will happen and that his Labour Party will sweep to power if only because the Conservatives have messed up so badly. His aim will not be to kill Brexit, but to try to renegotiate the terms - good luck with that.

Apart from his personal dislike of all things EU, the fact is that many of the strongest Labour supporting constituencies voted leave and still support leave. Corbyn will have no desire on many levels to go against the wishes of many of Labour's supporters.

The word " disaster" does not do the current situation justice - an absolute f**k up barely gets close!

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