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Monday, April 22, 2019

The Trump administration announced Monday that all countries that continue to import Iranian oil will be subject to US sanctions. In a statement, the White House said President Donald Trump "has decided not to reissue" waivers regarding sanctions against countries importing Iranian oil when the waivers expire "in early May." read more

Saturday, March 16, 2019

House Democrats, eager to investigate all aspects of the Trump White House, have identified former administration officials they need to carry out their probes. But the White House isn't making it an easy task. On at least two occasions, the White House has pushed back on efforts by the House Oversight Committee to reach out directly to former officials, chiding the committee's powerful Chairman Elijah Cummings for not contacting the White House first read more


EVERYONE that rails against our criminal justice system because it favors the rich and powerful should be "up in arms" about how the Mueller report avoids drawing a conclusion about obstruction and how the AG has spun the findings of the Mueller report. The CBC should be livid that justice is being denied (again) to a rich, powerful, white male. The CBC should become obstructionist, just like the tea party, and throw sand in the gears of anything the dems try to do until justice is served on rich, powerful and white perps just like it is on the poor and people of color. They won't because they, like the rest of their democratic colleagues, are a bunch of wimps.

Publicly, the dems are right to tamp down impeachment talk until after they have at least read the redacted sections to confirm that there is nothing that would thwart their impeachment efforts and until they have heard directly from Mueller.

Pelosi's statement that she doesn't want to divide the nation is a dodge; the nation is already divided and there is nothing she can do to fix it other than to cut out the cancer that is feeding the division. Also, the notion that the dems don't want to waste time on impeachment when when they can be carrying out their policy agenda is makes no sense at all. What makes them think that a republican held senate will pass anything that furthers the dems' agenda or that president Trump will sign anything that furthers their agenda into law?

Nothing that the dems want to get done will get done until Trump is brought to justice and the CBC should take all deliberate steps to ensure that the dems' efforts in the House are properly focused on that goal.

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