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In an age of universal deception, the truth seems revolutionary and subversive.

What "greatest generation"?
We were great militarily and economically only...to whites; and more and more to richer whites.

The entire 20th century is one of meddling in other countries' elections, suppressing advancement of minorities, and consolidating the wealth of the country into the hands of fewer and fewer people. We had a chance to make China a huge ally, but we blew it in 1945 by bring too enamored of Chiang Kai-She and not seeing the follies of both he and Mao early enough.

We have not been #1 in education, and are further and further behind each decade, as we continue to use an antiquated, inadequate system of 180-day school year. It's the laughingstock of the world. Want to know why China and Korea and Japan are killing us in brainpower? Their kids STUDY, every day, and go to school longer each day and for more days a year than we do.

Our health care is the most costly in the world, but we are---what? #20 or so overall in health care quality? And we are too stubborn to see that this awful expensive system is not working.

We decry China, Russia and the Philippines for their lack of human rights (and rightfully so) but we ourselves operated secret prisons-hey, maybe still do-, had a major international scandal in Abu Ghraib, and continue to operate an extra-judicial prison in Guantanamo Bay.

Our own POTUS and Congress are inept and inactive, mired in horrible corruption via bribes, PACs, and a cycle of doing nothing but running for re-election. The current POTUS himself has done nothing since his election but golf, tweet, and run for re-election.

We are the world's most powerful military ONLY because respond more than our several closest competitors, COMBINED. How long can we sustain that kind of ridiculous delegation of finances.

We wasted our Social Security monies by borrowing ever more deeply against them. Both parties did it, all are guilty. Now we are on the verge of seeing in less than a generation deep cuts to these safety nets, all paid for by the taxpayers themselves.

We have the most gun deaths in the world, all other gun murders and suicides combined in all the other industrialized countries don't equal ours. All for ...what..."freedom"? What a ridiculous and quaint notion, that we are the only country to have "freedom" by encouraging people to kill each other with guns.

So tell me again: how America was so great!? Cuomo will never be elected POTUS now, because Americans can't handle ANYTHING but "we're #1!" But Cuomo told the truth. Americans don't want truth; they want the mind-numbing entertainment they have come to expect of the internet and television.

That is how Trump won, he lied and bragged the most. He's not the disease; he is the SYMPTOM of our ridiculously low-intelligence and low-intellectual-curiosity and violent society.

Drudge Retort

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