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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

A filing in a Massachusetts lawsuit contains dozens of internal Purdue Pharma documents suggesting the family was far more involved than the company has long contended. read more

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Eliot A. Cohen: The departure of Jim Mattis from government service is proof that you cannot have it all. You have to walk if you are to remain the human being you were, or conceived yourself being, before you went in. He alone refused to curry favor, to pander at the painful televised Cabinet sessions, or to praise someone who deserved none of it. In the end, he could not do his job and serve the country as he knew it had to be served. No one could. read more

Ezra Klein: Trump had no power to force this shutdown on his own. Congressional Republicans and Democrats had come to an agreement. If Trump vetoed, they could have overturned the veto. The Constitution gives Congress vastly more power than the president -- the president can't even force a vote on legislation, while Congress can pass a bill even over the president's objections. But congressional Republicans are choosing, once again, to indulge Trump rather than serve the country.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

David Frum: For almost two full years, James Mattis has provided the nation with a collective security blanket -- and national-security-minded Republicans with a credible excuse. Whatever outrageous or weird or even suspicious things President Donald Trump might do, Mattis was at the head of the order of battle: an American through and through, untainted and uncompromised. Now Mattis has quit. ... So long as Mattis stayed on the job, Republicans in Congress could indulge the hope that responsible people remained in charge of the nation's security. That hope has now been repudiated by the very person in whom the hope was placed. It's James Mattis himself who is telling you that the president does not treat allies with respect, does not have a clear-eyed view of malign actors and strategic competitors.


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