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"I say "You shall know them by their fruits"."

But how do you know their fruits?

"The ideals of the 19th Century gave us the bloodiest Century in history."

Dubious claim. Certainly it was not even close to the bloodiest relative to population. Also, it saw dramatic drops in deaths from disease and starvation.

"Marx gave us Communism, which has a body count in the tens of millions, more than actual war."

Dubious again. I have not seen numbers claiming that communism, even if it assumes the blame for things like famines within its borders (resource mismanagement) equaled the deaths from war during the same period.

"Nietzsche gave us moral relativism,"Beyond Good and Evil" so how has that worked out?"

I have never heard of anyone killed in the name of relativism... absolutism, on the other hand...

Anyway, calling Nietzsche a relativist is a gross oversimplification. True relativism requires a "view from nowhere," something Nietzsche dismisses as impossible.

"It seems to have liberated some to be as depraved or violent as they want to be. He was a favorite in Germany in the 30s"

A selective misreading of Nietzsche was definitely a component of Nazi philosophy. For his part, Nietzsche despised the sort of crass antisemitism that the Nazis represented.

" along with Herr Heidegger."

No source, no argument. You can repeat this claim as much as you like. That will not make it true.

"Ideals have consequences."

Indeed, but we need to be intelligent in identifying them. We need to recognize extenuating circumstances, or the possibility that these ideals can be used for cynical aims.

And what about your ideals, whatever they are? What evils can be laid at their doorstep, especially if we play fast and loose with assigning blame, as you seem to with the thinkers above?

"Marx was a bum, his whole life. Mooched off Engels and others. About the only thing he accomplished..."

You mean besides singlehandedly redefining the social sciences and humanities?

"So the father of Communism was a practicing capitalist."

As opposed to what? The fact that you find this surprising, let alone scandalous proves you don't understand Marx's work at all.

"Nietzsche was a whore monger for years, so much for his ethics."

What about his ethics? All I see is an ad hominem. And a really shaky one at that: you state as fact a suspect claim and give no evidence. The great intellectual historian Will Durant wrote that Nietzsche was "chaste as a statue until the day he died." Certainly the documentary evidence does not bear out your claim. His ailment could easily have been contracted during his time as a nurse in the Franco-German war: we know he contracted other diseases at that time, as was not uncommon for a medical professional performing triage. That is, IF he had syphilis at all: www.telegraph.co.uk

"Heidegger was Hitler's favorite political philosopher, probably the only serious literature he read."

Completely false. Furnish a citation. I believe I have already explained the beginning and end of the relationship between Heidegger and the Nazis.

To the extent to which Nazism even had philosophy (a mixed bag of misread and selective Nietzscheanism, racist pseudo science, and fringe right socialist philosophy), it resembled nothing found in any period of Heidegger's work (inclusive of his writing during the Nazi years).

For all your claims to have read continental philosophy, you seem almost totally ignorant of its content. The best "objections" you can muster to these things are ad hominems (did your reading cover logical fallacies?) based on known falsehoods and a severe misunderstanding of the works of these thinkers... in those very rare instances you mention those works at all (your quips about Marx not being a good Marxist are about as close as you come to addressing actual philosophy).

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