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Sunday, December 31, 2017

For the first time food scientists have managed to produced bacon that does not include nitrites from vegetables or curing agents. The World Health Organisation (WHO) currently warns that bacon cured with nitrites is as dangerous as asbestos and smoking, because the chemicals produce carcinogenic nitrosamines when ingested. They have estimated that around 34,000 bowel and colon cancer deaths each year are directly attributable to diets which are high in processed meat. The WHO has also calculated that eating two rashers of nitrite-cured bacon per day increases the risk of contracting bowel cancer by 18 percent. read more

Saturday, December 30, 2017

He thought someone was stealing his truck on Christmas Eve, so he shot at the tailgate as it pulled away, relatives of the Alabama man say. It wasn't a thief, though. It was the man's son, borrowing the truck, family members told WIAT in Birmingham. The bullet struck 22-year-old Logan Wayne Trammell of Cullman, Ala., who died a few hours later on Christmas day. ... Family members say Trammell's father didn't know he was borrowing the truck when he drove away from his parents' home about 11:30 p.m. Sunday.

Claire's, which sells accessories and makeup aimed at young girls, announced on Twitter this week that it would halt sales of a number of products. The move came after a Rhode Island mother, who works at a law firm specializing in asbestos litigation and was working on a separate case, had some of her daughter's makeup tested. WPRI, a Providence, Rhode Island, station reported the story. Claire's, which has about 1,600 stores in North America and more than twice that globally, hasn't given its view of whether any of its products were contaminated with asbestos. To be cautious, it said it stopped sales of the items and announced today that it is having an independent lab run tests. read more

A week after he delivered a crucial vote in its favor and helped send it to President Donald Trump's desk, Rubio expressed his reservations in an interview with southwest Florida's News-Press Thursday, noting he thinks Republicans probably gave corporations too much of a handout. "If I were king for a day, this tax bill would have looked different," he said. "I thought we probably went too far on [helping] corporations." read more

Friday, December 29, 2017

Former President Barack Obama took some time on Friday to reflect on the past year and tweet out some stories that "remind us what's best about America." Despite President Donald Trump's promise to "make America great again," 2017 really wasn't a great year for everybody. From political upheaval to deadly mass shootings to natural disasters, many people faced difficult times. But Obama pointed out that's not all that happened. read more


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