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I had a 21 year old cat that in his last year was blind and deaf. He would bump his way around the house to go from room to room and had to be fed by hand.

He just got weaker and weaker until his last 48 hours he just laid on his side and tried to move his legs.

The last 6 hours he was stretching out his front legs trying to move but could barely do anything.

When I was getting ready for bed I went back downstairs to check on him and picked him up. I held him in my arms so he was upright. His head and right leg were free.

I watched him barely breathing.

Finally I noticed he didn't seem to be taking a breath and then something happened that has stayed with me.

He lifted his head up stretching his neck and looked up as if he was seeing something and he lifted his right leg completely straightened about 45 degrees that he hadn't had the energy for hours.

I saw him reach with his right leg towards something that he was facing exactly at the same time.

His head and leg were lifted up for no more than a half a second and he collapsed.

Let me tell you, I saw just how much something alive changes when the life is gone out of it.

He had been a weak cat but was still alive.

He turned into something limp about the only way I can describe is like holding a towel limp in your arms.

So...what did he see? Having had cats for decades his behavior was just as if he was responding to someone calling his name and he was about to be picked up.

I wonder....

(or maybe it was just his brain responding from a lack of oxygen)

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