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Friday, December 29, 2017

The new security measures planned for the Brandenburg Gate party come amid concerns about sexual assaults. A large number of assaults and robberies targeting women at Cologne's New Year's Eve celebrations two years ago horrified Germany. Hundreds of women reported being attacked by gangs of men with migrant backgrounds. read more

The child appears to have contracted the rare disease from "someone that had been diagnosed with Hansen's disease who had prolonged, close contact with the child," said Barbara Cole, director for disease control for the Riverside County Department of Public Health. ..... Though rare in the U.S., leprosy is widespread in countries such as Brazil and India. The majority of patients reported with leprosy in the United States each year were not born in the U.S. read more

Thursday, December 28, 2017

1. Macaroni and cheese. 2. Protests. 3. K-pop. 4. Sneaker culture. 5. Makeup. 6. Trees. .... read more

Saturday, December 23, 2017

A reader asked whether Harris's tweet was accurate. But when we looked into it, it turns out that many Democrats were tweeting the same talking point -- that middle-class families would face an average tax increase under the GOP plan. .... But notice the funny thing about this calculation: Only a small percentage (6.5 percent) of the nearly 122 million households in the bottom three quintiles will actually face a tax increase. Meanwhile, more than 97 million (80 percent) will receive a tax cut. Doing the math the same way the JEC staff did, we come up with an average tax cut of about $450 for those 97 million households. read more

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

It looked for a minute there yesterday like F.C. Cincinnati‘s stadium subsidy demand was going to die an ignominious death, after the community council of the Oakley neighborhood where the stadium would go voted unanimously to oppose the deal on the grounds that it would soak up all of the area's tax-increment financing money and leave nothing for other projects.

That didn't happen -- after a four and a half hour meeting yesterday, the Cincinnati city council voted 5-2 with one abstention and one absence (Wendell Young is still out after September heart surgery) to approve between $27 million and $37 million in public money for the project. But with team owners insisting they need $70-75 million in taxpayer subsidies to make a $200 million stadium happen, that still may not be enough to get the job done. Oh yeah, and also the team may still not want to build in Oakley after all -- take it away, Cincinnati Enquirer politics columnist Jason Williams:

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The real threat to our republic is an alarming breakdown in social cohesion, and the cause of this breakdown is obvious ~ Hanauer

True ....

radical, rising economic inequality, and the anger and anxiety it engenders. - Hanauer

False ....

Regular people should be justifiably outraged that tens of trillions of dollars are wasted on things that don't benefit them, but benefit beyond comprehension a very small and select few (billionaires).

Then they have been lied too, 2/3 of US budget is going to "regular" people, that is the Trillions being spent on THEM. When RCade talks about kids and grandkids having to pay it back, its paying back what "regular" people are spending today. Its not the peoples fault the government can't live within its means. Hausers Law.

The truth is that over the span of decades, American lawmakers (at the behest of economic elites like us!) have enacted policies that have depressed wages, stoked economic insecurity and exacerbated cultural angst and social dislocation.

False ...

The major factor in stagnating wages is the massive immigration we have sustained since the 70s.
Wages vs Productivity ....

Heres the rub,

Economic insecurity "disappeared" as a problem under Obamas media ... its only now returning in the MSM due to a President that is hated by them.

See a pattern? Suppress the bad news under a Democrat, and bring it out under a Republican. You will never solve the problem when foodstamp participation nearly doubles under Liberal watch and its not reported. Only now do we hear about the Homeless "explosion" in LATimes and WaPo.
Extereme Poverty Returns to America

You have liberals here on the DR claiming the economy was great under Obama, it wasn't we are immigrating at a tremendous rate, yet more citizens were homeless and couldn't get jobs ....

Is it really any wonder why? Keep supporting massive immigration ..... see how this turns out, you can't tax your way to income equality.

Franken ain't gone yet...

Some Dems want him to stay.

This is not a phenomenon limited to one side or the other. -rcade

It kinda is.... Because these men were protected because of their ideology. More liberals got away with it. Pence is hammered for being appropriate, most conservative politicians know they are under the scope. Liberals not so much. Hell all of Trump's accusations are when he was a Democrat. This whole #metoo purpose is to eventually go after Trump, but it's backfired .......

Objectively if you look at the Clinton Lewinsky affair, it's a man of power using it to get sexual favors from someone who works for him... Exactly what NOW was preaching against.

But Clinton was protected by NOW because of his ideology. Had he been a Republican he would have been crucified. If it was Trump today, you would find some minor distinction to hang your outrage on.

They imply that you have to agree with the very detailed politics of another person before you can form a meaningful relationship.

Welcome to Liberal logic ....
Nearly half of liberals don't even like to be around Trump supporters
Why Liberals Aren't as Tolerant as They Think

The ideas of 'community' and 'family' are the exact opposite of this idea. In a community or family, you have to take people as they are. Plus, wouldn't it be boring to only hang out with people who shadow your own thoughts?

Clearly you don't understand community....

Your statement is a dichotomy, or antipodal, you can't have a community or family with people that don't shadow much of your own thoughts.

Its why Corky lives in Naples, plenty of people with same demographic, same background and belief systems....

I work at an very large international corporation, in fact on my floor and within my division there are no native born Americans. Guess what, as a company, we don't have a Christmas Party, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, Halloween, or any of the federal holidays.

But when there is a Chinese celebration, all the Chinese workers take the days off, Indians the same ......

You see where I work there is no community, no sense of family, there is no sense of we are in this together. The Indians have lunch with the Indians, the Chinese have lunch with the Chinese, the Spaniards have lunch with the Spaniards, the Swedish have lunch with the Swedish, the Japanese have lunch with the Japanese.

This is the Progressive Ideal world, no religion, no country lines, diversity galore, bland as hell absolutely no character. Yet, racial lines and barriers still exist regardless of laws and regulations, why? Because people are still drawn genetically to sameness.

SiliconValley has changed tremendously in the last 20 years, look for it at your future job, complete blandness because by definition, diversity is antipodal to community.

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