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#29 | POSTED BY RAY AT 2017-11-24 05:48 PM | FLAG:
I get frustrated with this level of political cynicism. I understand being skeptical of politics in general but this emo political view is tiresome.

If my buddy says to me, "I won't to serve my country. I am going to join the armed forces and give back to the country I love." No one would question his/her motives.

If my same buddy were to say, "I want to serve my country but im really soft and don't like the idea of participating in armed conflict. I think I could best serve my country by joining the city assembly, or run for congress. I think I could really help my community and country" Many people would question his/ her motives.

Being a public servant and serving your country in any capacity should not be met with such cynicism. If you decide its your life calling to serve your constituents and you spend most of your life in that field good for you. The idea that a life long politician is highly suspect for many Americans is odd.

Not to say there aren't bad apples but as a blanket statement about politicians.... disheartening. In my view most people aren't out to angle shoot you. I don't think that my view is naive on this matter.

I heard a while back someone say there are two schools of thought here. First: People are born to sin and are inherently bad. Any institution created by man is flawed from the start. The Second: People are inherently good and without strength of character they can be corrupted.

Im of the second school of thought and believe people start out to serve their country with the best of intentions initially at least.
Just because its possible to be corrupted doesn't mean any one person will over time. Thats the spirit in which i view the American populace and the U.S. Government. For what its worth.

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