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That is exactly correct, and you see the blind rage here on the DR on a daily basis. Unless and until leaders on the Left can get their people to take a deep breath, view things rationally and strategically and promote policies that the independent voters can unite with them on, the GOP is going to continue to move forward since they are much better (for now) at seizing that middle ground.

#4 | POSTED BY RIGHTOCENTER AT 2018-10-09 01:18 PM | REPLY

I hear this argument but it seems more than a bit asymmetrical to me and do you really think this would change much for the undecided-eds ?

On the one hand, you have a ton of undignified, reprehensible behavior from the man in charge and increasingly his party but the criticism to their opponents is to "take a deep breath, view things rationally and strategically".

How do you see the structure changing with that approach? Does Heidi Heitkamp get re-elected? Does Texas turn blue? My honest take based on the behavior we've seen over the past few years is that this mythical "center" that craves reasoned debate is a myth.

I pose this question to you & perhaps Eberly because you seem to be the closest approximation to the center - open & susceptible to earnest argument on this site.

Hell even Ken Bone when he did Bill Maher passed some comment that when he did the townhall for undecideds "90% of them" had their minds made up already prior to 2016 election.

Point being that if you listen to Fox or MSNBC or AM radio that the lines are vividly drawn. A complete dichotomy such that it's hard to imagine someone on the fence who doesn't pay attention to sources such as these is out there waiting to be convinced which way to go. Happy to be proven or shown to be wrong. Closest approximation might be 3rd party votes which are still imo too small to matter imo.

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