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Let's take a step back here and view what you're saying tactically rather than by historically.

According to you, we had a non-proliferation agreement in place (which we didn't live up to our end of the bargain; your words) because a warmongering Republican president wanted to start a war on the doorstep of our largest trading partner who has considerable financial leverage over us but never did? He forgot or something?

Listen to yourself. What was his endgame (Bush) if he couldnt go to war? Why did they attempt their own agreement in ‘05? Because he's a warmonger? They'd go nuclear if he did nothing? Why then?

Furthermore from nti.org:


On 16 October North Korea admitted that it had been conducting a secret uranium enrichment program, which Pyongyang agreed to halt under the 1994 DPRK-US Agreement Framework. On 28 October a joint statement issued by the United States together with Japan and the ROK concluded that the DPRK's program was a violation of the North-South Joint Declaration

Wondering what your take is here given NKs admission?

Last, donnerboy - with all due respect if the door was always open why didn't Obama walk through? For the record, I'm an admirer of his but I don't think this is simply the case. Maybe NK/CHN viewed an opportunity to take advantage of our President and they got some pretty good concessions if that's your argument but I think we were at a point we're no one president, Dem or Repub, could stop a nuclear NK. I'd rather be talking to them (KJU directly) then not.

BS. The '93 agreement was working, until another Republican warmonger decided to blow it up. There was NO EVIDENCE that NK was violating it (aside from Republicans saying that they were TOLD by NK that they were violating it - and we all know how truthful Republicans are). But every indication was that the US was violating their side.
We got to this point because of Republican foreign policy. And then Trump got elected and tried to push us to the ledge. And now he pulled back from the ledge A LITTLE and you want to praise him?


Ignorant of history.
"North Korea's refusal throughout 1992 and 1993 to cease and disclose its nuclear activities at Yongbyon, in defiance of IAEA agreements and directives, and its threat to withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, initiated a series of crises." more on this at history.state.gov. Unless you're one of those who's going to say 1992-2000 was a Republican Presidency.

No knock on WJC but the issues here are very complex with China (adversarial) SK and Japan (allies) and ultimately NK is now a nuclear threat. What were we going to do, invade/bomb with China on the doorstep? Also no knock on Obama but he couldn't get much done to stop NK nuclear aspirations either. Building nuclear capabilities takes time and these problems span decades. Not a partisan issue.

For now, give the man his due - he opened the door. I agree with Lamp: we gave up a lot for very little in return and I wish someone more serious were at the helm of this but it's not all bad as you make it.

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