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Actually, many of the pertinent answers are in her original letter, so the questions were easy. If she decides to change those answers, then cross is already teed up.

#85 | POSTED BY FakeLawyer

Well, if she is swore under oath that what she said is previously is true and then changes her story, that's perjury right counselor? If she gets interviewed by the FBI (which she wants) and lies to them during their investigation then that's another crime, right counselor? If she breaks those laws she goes to jail, it's pretty simple.

If I were Kavi and I was innocent I'd INSIST that the FBI do an investigation to clear
my good name, which he hasn't done. Why do you think that is counselor?

Besides, According to you and your alt-right cohorts here the upcoming blue wave is a myth, and the Mueller investigation will come up empty on Trump, so what's the rush....so according to your kind, your politcal party will still control both houses of Congress, and your president will have nothing to fear since Mueller will find nothing on Trump, right counselor?

Mitch McTurtle waited 400+ days to fill the last vacancy, why can't your kind wait a few more weeks to find the real truth on Kavi? If there is nothing there he's got nothing to worry about, right??? He'll be cleared by the FBI, unless........ he lies to them and or they found out that Dr. Ford is telling the truth.

To summarize my point counselor, the person telling the truth has nothing to fear, as truth is on their side. If she is lying under oath or to the FBI ,
she is facing prison time.

If Kavi is telling the truth, what is he and your kind so afraid of. The democrats will look like fools to EVERYONE if there is an FBI investigation and Kavi was telling the truth and they clear him, and there will be no roads left for the Democrats to block his nomination, right counselor?

He's not being elected president of your bowling league, this is a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

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