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Wow JPW,

So I read the Atlantic, which I can tell is a purely objective piece of the media - no biased words there at all... and they say

Part of the explanation for why southern states dominate the "most dependent" category is historical. During the many decades in the 20th century when the South was solidly Democratic, its congressional representatives in both the House and the Senate, enjoying great seniority, came to hold leadership positions on powerful committees, which they used to send federal dollars back to their home states in the form of contracts, projects, installations.

Another part of the explanation is easier to discern. The reddest states on that map at the top -- Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, New Mexico, Maine -- have exceptionally high poverty rates and thus receive disproportionately large shares of federal dollars. Through a variety of social programs, the federal government disburses hundreds of billions of dollars each year to maintain a "safety net" intended to help the neediest among us. Consider, for example, the percentage of each state's residents who get "food stamps" through the federal government's SNAP program. This chart tells the story.

So the first reason is the "Great Society' spending implemented by that great republican president LBJ. The other reason is the "social safety net" another one of those great republican strategies. But you know what they didn't say? "The only reason the red states can charge their residents less in state taxes is because their budgets are floated by disproportionate federal dollars."

You then say, "Because the poor in the blue states can be better serviced with their own dollars?" You know....I can better be serviced with my own dollars, yet you have no problem taking mine from me. Did you get the benefit of my being forced to buy health insurance? Fact is you selfishly hate the poor in the red states and that is why you want to keep "your money" in your state.

So Clown says: The rest of the states are useless leeches with nothing to provide the union. Just barren wastelands of talk hate radio and religious conservative ignorant ideology.

Think about that when you turn on the heater / air conditioner. Also when you put gasoline in your car. I recall at one time there was a motto about letting a yankee freeze to death in the dark. Maybe when it gets cold you will re-think what those "barren wastelands" contribute.

How have California and New York screwed over the rest of us....start with your congressional delegation. I have never seen a bigger group of ignorant people. Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Nancy Belegosi just to name a few. Remember how good of an idea that health care debacle was for the rest of us and all the lies we were told to get that passed. If not for California and New York there never would have been a Obamanation for eight years, there never would have been a Senator Rodham Cliton, there never would have been a BS health insurance bill.

Sorry, it is very telling that you think that you already pay your fair share "and then some" Doanforth was both clear and right that we have the same federal tax code. the law applies to me the same as it does to you. if we make the same money, our tax bill should be the same. Just because you live in California and they tax you heavily, that is not my fault or problem and I shouldn't pay more than you to the feds because you deduct that expense.

And if you think that the "poor republicans" are the ones voting against their best interests while all of those blue rich guys are laughing all the way to the bank, you are crazy. The real problem is there are too many blue voters (many in a minority voting block) that vote for their best interests and to hell with the rest of us.

Drudge Retort

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