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"OK, then most of Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan, S. Korea and other places should reject Americans who want to travel there."

There is a difference between immigrating and traveling but either way those countries have the right to elect not to accommodate either request based off the argument raised.

"Wow. I'll assume you're an off the grid hermit with no interaction with Americans let alone human beings. If you ever met someone or had a family member who was mentally challenged you wouldn't say such things. Intelligence or lack of it shouldn't be a factor when choosing whether or not to help human beings trying to escape from oppression, genocide, environmental disasters or other mass displacement event. In fact, the value of human life is unquantifiable, it simply is. Eugenics of any form is an aberration of mankind that path to genocide."

I interact with human beings daily from all walks of life traveling the country for a small consulting firm. We help people from all backgrounds and demographics turn their small to midsize service/trade businesses around. As far as a family member who is mentally challenged my uncle met that criteria and he died on a naval ship when he fell down an elevator shaft from what I understand was his inability to adequately comprehend or adhere to basic safety precautions and Im not sure what that has to do with the case raised as I never argued not helping people from these countries. Arguing for restrictions on immigration from countries that are less safe and/or have lower average iq's does not equate with not helping. I'm all for sending aid and whatever resources to these countries to teach these people to improve their quality of life. Also, didn't address the debate point for not bringing in immigrants from countries designated less safe as confirmed by United Nations geoscheme data.

Drudge Retort

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