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i see what Flynn is trying to do. he is trying to keep the derelict altRight nutjob that he serves in power. Flynn, again, as we already know, is an altRighter. the Right will SAY ANYTHING to hold power. that's who's speaking here, not 45.

Flynn is/was on tv just now trying to explain something that he cannot: Trump's constitutional incapacity, his lack of human bearing, inability to empathize.

moreover, Flynn's speech is telling of his overall views in other issues, like, women, and abortion. "When I was a kid growing up a lot of things were sacred in our country. Women were sacred and looked upon with great honor, that's obviously not the case anymore as we see from recent cases. Life, the dignity of life was sacred, that's gone. Religion, that seems to be gone as well." --where was Flynn when his Party dragged the Bengazi dead through the mud? yes, this is what fascist do: waive something sacred in your face, while wrapped in the flag, to advance a particular political ideology.

further, Flynn said, "It stuns me that a member of congress would have listened in on that conversation," referring to Trump's phone call to SGT Johnson's wife.

no sir, NO ONE did what you just shamefully characterized as "appalling." The Congresswoman in question was WITH the pregnant widow and mother at the time the call came in: Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) was present with Myeshia Johnson, Sgt. Johnson's pregnant widow and mother of his two children, when President Trump called her at 4:45 pm on Tuesday, nearly two full weeks after Sgt. Johnson's death.

so Flynn is twisting and turning and missing the point with his disgraceful bowing to Trump. the point: Trump is incapable of not only empathy (a sociopath), but he can't even correctly read, nor understand what he is supposed to be reading, and the worst thing is: he has zero curiosity in learning how.

so to Flynn and the rest of the 45 altRight sheep... 🖕🏻.

can you believe, ask yourself WHY, that Trump isn't the one out there today at the podium correcting himself -- as Flynn so grossly, wrapped in the Flag, just tried to do.

self-serving liars and provacateurs.

#sacred 🇺🇸

--Flynn is a Drug Warrior living in the past. his comments about why men and women serve in military, that it is 100% a patriotic endeavor/commitment, is simply, sadly, misconceived. MOST do it purely for economic reason. that's why the poor fight the war. AND, that IS why so-called Conservatives are the first to politicize it; that is, when they get found out and called out, that's what they do. they try to shame anyone who doesn't toe-the-line and believe just as they do with misguided propaganda and the lack of faith and patriotism...which is, in fact, their own "blaphemy against the American creed" - GW Bush, today.

if Flynn wants to be stunned, he ought examine himself. speaking for 45 at a televised press conference and then going into a BS mode of only those press agents who are or know Gold Star families asking questions. ... simply an abundance of bizarre, politicization of the national press. just like they did with Benghazi and others, frankly, every chance they get: to advance the corporate capitalist agenda of paternalism, slavery, and authoritarianism.


That's so adorable that you quoted Powerline Blog. Maybe you should go back to quoting Trump's Twitter account. It's actually more liberal than Powerline.

Also EPA lawyers don't call the shots. The HEAD of the EPA or the President does. In this case Pruit and Trump. At worst, it's Pruit's main staff. It's not the attorneys or rank and file (who you accuse of celebrating).

And the reason they settle is because they KNOW they are going to lose in Court even if Congress or the President doesn't want the regulation enacted or enforced. They don't settle if they are going to win. Did you even BOTHER to notice that your article didn't give a single example of where the EPA settled a case they should have won? Might be because your author, Steven Hayward, doesn't have a law degree.

Of course the rank and file celebrate. They actually know what they are talking about rather than people like you. While I'm sure you are just fine with lead in the water because Trump's twitter told you it was fine, the people at the EPA know it is killing you and likely do pop open the champagne bottles when the case settles that helps save your health. That's scoundrels I know.

Instead they will not fight EVERY case and still lose. And the regulation will still be enforced. But NOW you get to pay lots more in attorney's fees to the EPA and to the environment groups when they win. But also many regulations that are not legal or are not enforced will never be enforced because the environmental groups can't afford to fight them all.

That's the scam, Parrot.

Little late to the party, but basically, to answer the question, "What is the scandal?" you have to agree on the ground rules for answering a question like that:

1) You have to ignore decades' worth of right-wing/not-liberal pearl clutching whenever a perceived slight to the military is contrived. I could ask, "What was the scandal with Benghazi?" and I'm sure the whole talking points machine would get wound up fast and quick.

2) You have to accept that this is a "scandal." I, personally, don't consider it a scandal. It is merely another demonstration of the POTUS* being unfit to conduct the expected role of POTUS.

3) If it is not a scandal, per se, then that's my answer. It's not a scandal. It angers a lot of people. It shows disrespect for the military (and not-liberals sure have had their panties in a bunch over that issue lately). It demonstrates a sociopathy in our elected CiC. If we were to make a scandal out of it, a lot of questions should be asked. Like, why was Sgt. Johnson's body recovered by Nigerians and not our own military? And what was he doing there? And why was his body recovered 2 days after he was killed? And why is the POTUS* calling a woman on her way to recover her dead husband's body 14 days after his death? Lots of questions. Benghazi got over a year's worth of investigations, and not-liberals ate it up, looking for that piece of meat to gnaw on. This happens, and the question is, "What is the scandal?" Trolling much?

There is actually no defense for the POTUS* in this instance. He could be a decent human being, but he is not, and has never been. It's not a scandal, it is just a reminder that we have an unfit, mentally unstable man at the helm and an endless supply of sycophantic, amoral followers to challenge anyone who is reasonable to point it out.

McCain: Administration not being up front about Niger attack

When is Trey Gowdy going to give the bloated orange turd an 11 hour grilling?

If you look around there have been couple big stories this week on this front.

- Going after 2 major Chinese fentanyl (and derivatives) manufacturers and distributors - FINALLY Link
- States are going after manufacturers. Insys is a great example of big pharma gone bad. (Insys paid kickbacks, including sham speaker fees to medical practitioners to prescribe Subsys and defrauded insurers into paying for it. Subsys is an opioid FDA approved for end of life terminal treatment ONLY they pushing to be given out for EVERYTHING.) The problem is the there is not enough financial pain or criminal prosecutions. Probably never will be - slap on the wrist and move along.

But Trump? Trump seriously doesn't give a damn - actions speak louder than words. Let's get rid of healthcare for people vs let's go after the opioid epidemic...


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