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"Only 2 of those are not military projects." - #11 | Posted by sitzkrieg at 2019-03-20 09:59 AM


The Interstate System is, by definition, a military project. Yet millions of American civilians are utilizing it as I type this.

Rebuilding Europe after WWII served as a buffer to the (then) Soviet Union and opened up import/export markets for American businesses (amounting to over a trillion dollars - imports and exports - as recently as 2016).

As for the space program ("Landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth"),

"We see the transformative effects of the Space Economy all around us through numerous technologies and life-saving capabilities. We see the Space Economy in the lives saved when advanced breast cancer screening catches tumors in time for treatment, or when a heart defibrillator restores the proper rhythm of a patient's heart ... .We see it when weather satellites warn us of coming hurricanes, or when satellites provide information critical to understanding our environment and the effects of climate change. We see it when we use an ATM or pay for gas at the pump with an immediate electronic response via satellite. Technologies developed for exploring space are being used to increase crop yields and to search for good fishing regions at sea."


You asked how much more do I want to spend with the Pentagon. While most can agree that the US spends way too much on its defense budget, there's no denying that there are still some government successes from such expenditures, which was the basis for my retort in #10.

Socialism is a scare word they've hurled at every advance the people have made. Socialism is what they called public power, social security, deposit insurance, and independent labor organizations. Socialism is their name for anything that helps all people.

--Harry Truman, 1952

If find this an interesting graph ...

Along with this ...

Why the big change? Why the change by white educated liberals?


You won't find me putting halo's on Trump.

Seriously have you ever seen anything so silly, it was common place for Obama, and Beto is now saying

Whats going on with Beto and happened with Obama is voters want to "shape him into the presidential candidate they want him to be"?

He's a blank slate on purpose, making "cult of personality" much more likely.

How much you want to bet we see an image of a halo over Beto before the election?

The stock market is up, Andreamackris.
So are prices. Way up. That's the effect of the unnecessary tariffs. Gas prices are about 10% higher now than when Trump took office.
We are keeping many, many midwest farmers afloat by "socialist" bailouts. How long can that last?
We have a trade war with tariffs, all necessary but to prove Orange Julius is "tough."
We had a NAFTA agreement, torn up. Relabeled, now it's a new name but almost exactly the same. Winning?
We were part of an Iran monitoring/UN deal. Because Donald hated Obama, he backed out of the treaty, even though his own advisors told him that Iran was upholding the treaty.
He threatened NK via twitter for months, then falsely crows we can sleep better at night, only because HE STOPPED MAKONG THOSE THREATS.
We ran a trillion dollar deficit this past year, and will every year of the Trump presidency, with no real need except that the upper incomes got a tax cut (I did not, my tax liability went UP $3500).
We are the laughingstock/worry of the civilized world, depending on which country you ask.
We have a government run by a mental and emotional dementia patient, with a cabinet of either incompetents or people chosen because they have exactly the OPPOSITE skill set required to run their department.
Our president lies every day, many times a day.
Our president has a low work ethic and probably only does actually work 3-4 hours a day, four days a week.
Our president enriches himself openly by billing us taxpayers for rental of his properties.
Our president almost certainly (and his family and associates did CERTAINLY) in 2016 conspire with Russia to enrich themselves and throw the election, all while paying the ENQUIRER a lot of money to bury negative stories.

Is the stock market the Barometer Of All Things? Really?
You are willing to have any reader believe that the stock market outweighs all of the things above?
No one can take what you write seriously.

The only lesson I can draw from this is:

1. Do not huddle in a corner like we saw in the first video. You'll get deader than dead real quick.

2. To Hell with Nanny State laws. Keep a concealed firearm... or a knife.. on you. At least have a pen-gun. Keep it loaded. You never know...

I made one of these for myself, LOL. Guy was asking like 5,000 Rupees for something that costs less than a burger to make. I told him no thanks and made a better one with a glossy finish.

Do I carry it in Texas? Nope (I do carry a knife). I have full confidence in the people around me. None of them are bigots.

As if America makes anything China would consider worth stealing.... LOL

#5 | Posted by J_Tremain


Pure Tokyo ------ Trolling.

You are only Gas Lighting yourself.

The (recent) Chinese theft from Idaho-based Micron shows how a major U.S. technology company was targeted and systematically rifled of trade secrets, according to a federal indictment unsealed last month in San Francisco.

Among Micron's most successful products are dynamic random-access memory microchips. So-called DRAM semiconductor chips help power most of the world's electronic gadgets, including smartphones, computers, cars and TVs.

Micron controls about 20% of the world's DRAM market, and the chips account for about 70% of the company's annual $30 billion in revenue.

The Justice Department disclosed in October that the FBI had arrested a Chinese intelligence operative in Belgium in a sting operation. Yanjun Xu, a senior officer with the Ministry of State Security, was charged with attempting to commit economic espionage and steal trade secrets from multiple U.S. aerospace companies, including GE Aviation, by paying employees to steal secrets for him.

In August, a former scientist at GlaxoSmithKline, a pharmaceutical giant, pleaded guilty in Philadelphia to federal charges of stealing data and research on bio-pharmaceutical products. The scientist, working with two friends, had established a firm in China, with financial backing from Beijing, to develop anti-cancer drugs, court records show.

The Justice Department also charged two Chinese researchers with conspiring to steal rice seeds designed for use in medicine.

Not able to read the article... HOWEVER Huawei is a Chinese State controlled company. Just like US companies they will generally do what the US Government wants so will Huawei. Except in China it's how they rose to where they are. I wouldn't trust anything Huawei touches. The main reason I quit buying formerly IBM desktop/servers was they are now part of a Chinese company Lenovo.

I am going to relate a little of what I know of some of the Chinese activities toward business. I worked with our legal firm on IP a few years ago and on and off since then. The stories they have of what it is like in China for businesses and businessmen just traveling there make it frankly a place we should do everything in our power to get out of. Their strategies for stealing our information just get more elaborate all the time. If you are a person of any importance at all and travel to China (especially for business) - don't leave any electronics unattended ever. If you connect to their networks (Phone or Internet) expect your system to be compromised. And we aren't just talking big companies - they now target small companies and their staff because they are much softer targets. Big companies have known the game for a long time.

Now Expand that. What if they could control the core of communications networks here in the US. Think of the military and business intelligence they would glean. For once I am with the tRump administration and saying no. Same for our partners who use their equipment. tRump is right - China has a China first policy. They also have a defacto dictatorship and a long term plan that democracies do not have - that means central control and planning. Anyone using it is a fool.

What's it like to live in Seattle, WA?

U.S. News analyzed 125 metro areas in the United States to find the best places to live based on quality of life and the job market in each metro area, as well as the value of living there and people's desire to live there.

Seattle, Washington is ranked:

#10 in Best Places to Live

#30 in Best Places to Retire

America's Best Cities for a Healthy (and More Affordable) Retirement

The Top 10:

1. Seattle, WA
While it's one of the more expensive cities on our list, the Emerald City boasts natural beauty, a moderate climate and a wealth of outdoor and cultural activities -- from the nearby Olympic National Park to the recently expanded Seattle Art Museum -- all of which make it the ideal locale for active retirees.

Seattle, WA

Seattle rates as Forbes' best city for business for the first time. Credit a booming economy, educated work force and large millennial population. The metro area is home to the two richest people on the planet in Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates. The two tech titans are worth a combined $250 billion. Seattle's most well known nickname is "the Emerald City," in reference to the lush evergreen forests of the area.

And, from the exact same source as the link on this thread...
New study ranks Seattle as America's best big city to live in

A new study released Monday ranks Seattle as the nation's best big city to live in.

The report, by personal finance website WalletHub, compared the 62 largest U.S. cities based on 56 key indicators of attractiveness, from the quality of public schools and life expectancy to job opportunities and property taxes.

When all of these factors were combined, Seattle came out with the highest overall score. The study's authors say this shows the Emerald City's ability to tackle its problems and emphasize its strengths more efficiently than other cities.

Apparently, Seattle isn't dying.

"I've always heard great things about Seattle but I've never been." - #7 | Posted by eberly at 2019-03-18 11:03 AM

Visited there last May (terminus for the west-bound trek of the Empire Builder from Chicago). It was my second time in the Emerald City and it was absolutely wonderful. If you go definitely have dinner at Salty's Waterfront Seafood Grill.

The Inn at the Market has some spectacular views of downtown and the waterfront (and is right by Pike Place Market).

And don't miss the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame.

The "description" of this article could be true of any American city of size, but the things I listed are also true of any American city of size.

It would seem that the disparaging comments here are from people who have never actually stepped foot in Seattle.


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