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Pelosi Advises Illegal Immigrants on How to Avoid ICE

Like I said, from top to bottom the Democrats don't want to enforce immigration laws.

Democratic congresswoman secretly sending staff into Mexico to coach asylum-seekers

Not really difficult ...

there is a site, enter "Democrat aide help asylum seekers" ......

Bam .... Thanks Capitalism!

"the intellectual and visceral reaction"
The reaction by you and others has been 100% visceral, 0% intellectual. Trump knew exactly which button to push to get that kind of response. The troll is laughing his ass off while playing you like a xylophone.
"Only racists will demand further evidence."
This is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. That's an empirically anti-intellectual statement. He's got you attacking not only him, but also anyone who isn't already on your automatic knee-jerk attack bandwagon. Even people who agree his past statements qualify as either racist or bigoted are being attacked by you if they're not immediately on the same page with you about this specific incident. Don't ask questions, just join us in the R-word chorus, just like in every dispute in the media between a monochrome and a technicolor person, otherwise we'll call you the R-word too. This strategy will backfire.

"Trump knew exactly which button to push..."

That doesn't make it any thing less than full racism. He's not laughing his ass off. He's wildly trying to defend himself without having to admit he said something awful. And his Republican colleagues are terrified about the upcoming election because of it.

"That's an empirically anti-intellectual statement. He's got you attacking not only him, but also anyone who isn't already on your automatic knee-jerk attack bandwagon."

Anti-intellectual? Sorry, but the Republican establishment did nothing. You can't vote Neo-Nazi and claim its only because you like shaved heads as a fashion statement. The Republicans are the Party of Trump until they step up and do something about it. And if you vote Republican, you enable racist trash. End of story. Game Over. Bye Bye.

"BTW Zed - objectively speaking, you are confusing race with ethnicity.

That's Question 8 on the Census.
The choices boil down to: Hispanic and Not Hispanic.

Note: Please answer BOTH Question 8 about Hispanic origin and Question 9 about race. For this census, Hispanic origins are not races.

8. Is Person 1 Hispanic, Latino, or of Spanish origin?
No, not of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin
Yes, Mexican, Mexican Am., Chicano
Yes, Puerto Rican
Yes, Cuban
Yes, another Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin -- Print origin, for example,
Argentinian, Colombian, Dominican, Nicaraguan, Salvadoran, Spaniard, and so on.

These stunning details come from hundreds of surveillance reports compiled for the Ecuadorian government by UC Global, a private Spanish security company, and obtained by CNN. They chronicle Assange's movements and provide an unprecedented window into his life at the embassy. They also add a new dimension to the Mueller report, which cataloged how WikiLeaks helped the Russians undermine the US election.

An Ecuadorian intelligence official told CNN that the surveillance reports are authentic.

The security logs noted that Assange personally managed some of the releases "directly from the embassy" where he lived for nearly seven years. After the election, the private security company prepared an assessment of Assange's allegiances. That report, which included open-source information, concluded there was "no doubt that there is evidence" that Assange had ties to Russian intelligence agencies.

According the report, in the critical month of June 2016, Assange had "at least seven meetings ... with Russians and others with Kremlin ties, according to the visitor logs." He also had "five meetings that month with senior staffers from RT, the Kremlin-controlled news organization." One of those meetings should be of particular interest:

In June 2016, RT's London bureau chief, Nikolay Bogachikhin, visited Assange twice, and gave him a USB drive on one occasion, according to the surveillance reports. That five-minute visit was hastily arranged and required last-minute approval from the Ecuadorian ambassador.

The report also details extensive in-person meetings with two hackers in the June-July timeframe....

I'm sure all of this has a series of quite innocent explanations. I'm positive they'll be provided below.

What I've said many times is that refugee status should be determined by the UN, and that NGO's and peace keepers should set up large scale camps in neighboring countries as close to the country of origin as possible until the source nation can be stabilized.

"80% 0f refugees live in countries neighboring their country of origin" -

They don't run through an entire nation bypassing aid, jobs, safety, and housing to get to some desired country.
Many of these immigrants have the ability to pay thousands of dollars to smugglers.

Because they aren't refugees or legitimate asylum seekers.


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