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People, this is why gun control won't work.

1. If you back ground check every one, no one would pass. Everyone has some kind of issue.

2. What's to say we take the guns away and then we'd have machetes, knives, cars, airplanes, lawn mowers, etc, etc, to add to the ban list. It's just not feasible.

3. Let's say we enact gun control laws. It's up to the states. States have no money. Feds have no money. Who will enforce the laws? It's the same principal behind why the southern wall will never work. Too much money, not enough trained personnel. Any who, in 30 years, when the Baby Boomers and Gen X passed away, the Millennials will tear it down.

4. Even if we enforced gun control laws, that doesn't account for all the arsenals buried in the woods and swamps that the po-po know about. This is going to go by the way of the Prohibition of the early 20's. People still drank Moonshine, and smuggled alcohol from Canada. Who's to say instead of drugs, cartels start smuggling weapons into America?

5. Criminals still have their arsenals hidden that we don't know about.

6. Before we ever see Gun Control Laws, no one will ever vote to repeal Second Amendment; the right to keep and bear arms. Even if we did, there would be so much litigation that by the time the dust settles, our great grandchildren won't see it.

7. And lastly, who the hell is going to abide by the repeal of the Second Amendment? no one. Blacksmithing will become a thing; new weapons will be milled just like alcohol was -- in back woods all over the country.

Demonize Americans because they have guns and you created a new batch of criminals that need to be housed, fed, clothed, given free medicine, etc, etc, etc and hire personnel to guard them.

Who's going to pay for all that mess?


Gun control is a political point with no solution.

... The late Tom Petty, to whom the film is dedicated, ...

The radio station I listen to ( ) often speaks quite highly of Tom Petty. I've learned to pay attention when they do such things.

The trailer, while I usually don't like music documentaries, has piqued my interest. This one may be a good one.

Jesus H dude. If you're this checked out and off in la la land, just stop espousing political opinions.

Everything Steele said was spot on. If it makes you feel better, look away from the screen and play the video super slow or super fast so you can't tell it's him.

I honestly never thought that somebody would be so resistant to the obvious reality that one has to play by EC rules to win the WH.

It's almost as if you want to lose just to feel that rush of maintaining a righteous cause. "But but but we won the popular vote!" *stamps feet*


Steele brags about being a Republican for 41 years, which coincides with the rise of corporate power and the diminished power of working and middle-class representation in both America's politics and in Congress -- no wonder Michael Steele hates people like Bernie Sanders.

You're the one who is out of touch.

Maybe you should talk to people who work for a living in areas of the country that were deindustrialized by policies that overwhelmingly favored corporate and big business interests at the expense of ordinary working Americans ...

All of course championed by Republicans like Michael Steel and "central Democrats" that you obviously think are really swell.

The above video shows a convergence of people like Michael Steele and Bill Maher advocating for the same thing, which is the economic status quo despite their own self-identified labels of "conservative" and "liberal" -- this is what class warfare looks like with ever mentioning the words "class warfare", and it's sickening to watch.

At least there's people like Krystal Ball who'll do their best to shovel crap against the tide.

I read this whole article a couple hours ago. Fascinating reading - parents slowly going through much of the exact same falling out with the left I myself have had, only because of raising children. The new "wokeness" doing so much to divide rather than unify people, particularly along racial lines.

The most frustrating part to me, one people on the right will probably (though maybe they can) be unable to understand and people more concerned with their own tribalism and partisanship on the left refuse to understand, is that economically I'm still essentially a socialist to an extent. I believe in universal healthcare, paying for school through a bachelor's degree or training a trade, green energy, etc. But since I oppose all the social wokeness, the moralizing, the dividing people though intersectional lines that quickly devolve to oppression olympics, I'm no longer pure enough for the left. Even though I oppose those things because they're dividing the populace that has to unite to fight the oligarchs in power. Most won't even discuss ideas.

Strangely, far left as I am economically, I can still debate it with the right though. I want those things as investment - universal healthcare to take the onus off businesses that now pay the lions share of insurance, a hidden cost that makes our employees more expensive on the world market. Same for college or a trade - invest that money in people and make it back from a stronger tax base. Green energy as a form of national security, weakening the hold of the Middle East on our oil based economy. They may not agree, but we can respectfully debate it for hours on end, and it's out of such debate solutions are found. There's no respect debating this new left. Dogmatic and religious, incapable of understanding opposing ideas, they seem to attack all disagreements like the superstitious inquisition of centuries gone by.

"Under ObamaCare medicaid reimbursements to the states drops over time, thats what it was all about, short term high fives all around."

No that was not what it was about. It was just a rejection of anything connected to Obama.

"Historically, the federal share of Medicaid has averaged about 57 percent; however, under the ACA, the matching rate is higher for adults newly covered under the program. The federal government paid 100 percent of state Medicaid costs for certain newly eligible individuals through the end of 2016. Starting in 2017, the matching rate declines slightly each year until it reaches 90 percent in 2020 and remains there (see table below)."

So Republicans allowed millions of working poor Americans to go without access to healthcare when the federal government was going to start out paying 100% of the cost and just gradually reducing it to 90% of the cost.
No, the black guy got healthcare passed and the Southern red neck lying a******s just couldn't stand it. They rather watch people get sick and even die rather than admit Obamacare was a big improvement in healthcare for this country.

Advocate for a stop to the war on drugs.

Neither party is willing to end it.

It's a failure, it's a worthless program, it infringes on personal freedom.

But, the war on drugs, started by Nixon, ramped up by Reagan, isn't going away by decree of the president or federal government, it has to be dealt with at a state level, like marijuana. We the people have to show the federal government we want a change.

Advocate for a reform of the criminal justice system.

Both parties talk about doing it. I thought Trump was going to do something about it, he took a bunch of pictures with Kanye.

It definitely needs reform.

I wouldn't expect to see it come from the right.

Stop offering gubmit goodies to blacks for their votes.

There's not guaranteed correlation between doing a good deed and receiving a reward. That's a fallacy republicans use to fear monger.

But. It does prove the saying, no good deed goes unpunished.

I wouldn't expect people on welfare to go vote. But perhaps it's all they do, soak up the "gubmit goodies" and vote Democrat.

Stop bringing up race in every conversation.

"Mexicans are rapists and criminals!"

Start talking about self sufficiency and personal responsibility.

Welcome to being a Democrat. We all work and pay bills. It's why the majority of blue states have healthy economies.

That's just a start, but I dont see any of those things on the horizon coming out of the Dems..

I don't see any of those things coming from the GOP.

And they only share their "gubmit goodies" with the rich. Seems like they're all hooked on spending our taxes.


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