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Trump May Pardon Boxer Jack Johnson, Jailed During Jim Crow

Just the idea that a black guy get's railroaded and jailed for dating white women is shameful and disgraceful -- and many blacks were lynched in America for supposedly whistling at a white women (see Emmmett Till). These things were SUPPOSED to be settled in 1865 ...

Clownshack is 100% right in saying that if Trump was sincere about correcting the record regarding Jack Johnson, then Trump needs to apologize for championing birtherism.

Is it me or does the science teacher look like a body builder?

He's a former defensive end for Southern Illinois University. Those guys usually aren't smallish.

"The association with religion is based on most anti-vaxxers taking advantage of so called "religious exemptions" to get around the vaccination requirement to sent their precious little spawn to public school without getting their shots."

Which California has responded to by changing the language and the law.
Now, if you don't vaccinate your kids because you just don't want to, it's called a "non-medical exemption."
And if your kid isn't vaccinated because of a "non-medical exemption" they can't enroll in public school.

"California Senate Bill 277, passed in 2015, did away with those personal-belief exemptions in the Golden State. The legislation was prompted by a measles outbreak that originated at Disneyland in 2014 and wound up infecting 159 people. That outbreak was likely exacerbated by low vaccination rates, an earlier analysis found."

"some parents who don't want to vaccinate their children may have found doctors willing to give medical exemptions to students -- a potential trend that may undercut the collective protection against contagious diseases that the state law sought to bolster."

Best health care system in the world!

I read about this a few weeks ago.
This is common sense IMO.
I seriously hope Trump signs this into law.
#2 | Posted by JeffJ
The Children of Thalidomide would say differently and I think I would agree with them.
#5 | Posted by truthhurts at 2018-05-24 05:28 PM

Bizarro-world often? I can't believe I'm siding with JeffJ on this - but more to the case, since JeffJ is so opposed to marijuana, and this is specifically what self-medication is spearheaded by, why this change of heart? It's pretty unbelievable, mister hater.

If any of you aren't really aware of it yet CBD goes after tumors, specifically and most aggressively -------, breast and brain types first. It's not always going to help in time if a body has already undergone the majority of cancer "therapy" that stop immunological and hormonal process such as radiology and chemo.

Removing an inoperable tumor with Cannabis Oil.

How should we feel about oncology and specifically dissecting children to remove tumors? Hospitals and the medical community should be ashamed at betraying our trust and abusing their authority. Regardless acting as "good little Germans" performing specifically what they are told to - which makes it harder to appreciate not using marijuana as this data has been available as both physically replicable outcome and the near 100% consistent anecdotal evidence for a looooooong, long time now.

Pharmaceutical lobbyists should be removed with extreme prejudice for placing their owners bidding above humanity and ethics. They are paramount scum who deserve the harshest penalties available.


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