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If we enacted every (dumb) idea suggested on this page there would be little effect. All that trash comes from these 10 rivers:

It is estimated that by 2050 there will be more trash in the ocean than fish.
The countries responsible for this mess should be called out and forced (at the end of a gun if necessary) to deal with it. Notice how NPR managed to omit the crucial data of where the trash comes from and the "lead researcher" comes off like Homer Simpson, scratching her non-judgemental little noggin..."it's crazy, there's no land mass, no humans, I just dont understand..."

@#19 ... Yes, this will be the follow up to story, and the purpose for the intel drop: as a framewerk for the pressor. ...

Looks like something different...

U.S. charges Iranians for global cyber attacks on behalf of Tehran

...The United States on Friday charged nine Iranians and an Iranian company with attempting to hack into hundreds of U.S. and international universities, dozens of companies and parts of the U.S. government on behalf of the Tehran government.


The key findings from the US intelligence report on the Russia hack, decoded (Jan 2017)

...Late Friday afternoon, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) released a declassified version of its report on Russia's interference in the US presidential election. The report, which draws on intelligence gathered by the FBI, CIA, and NSA, concludes with "high confidence" that "Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the US presidential election" that included hacking the personal email accounts of Democratic Party officials and political figures.

The ODNI report states conclusively that Putin personally ordered the email hacks of Democratic Party officials as part of a broader campaign to influence the US election in Trump's favor. This seems to have sprung, in part, from Putin's paranoia concerning perceived US attempts to undermine his government....

Beyond the Iran Nuclear Deal
U.S. policy should be to end the Islamic Republic before its 40th anniversary.

By John Bolton
Jan. 15, 2018

The Legal Case for Striking North Korea First
Does the necessity of self-defense leave ‘no choice of means, and no moment of deliberation'?

By John Bolton
Feb. 28, 2018

"Trump calls report of looming McMaster exit 'fake news'"

So there you have it trump chumps. Solid proof that when trump says "fake news" that means "accurate report."

Allow me to bring in an article I posted earlier this afternoon...

John Bolton's Curious Appearance In A Russian Gun Rights Video

...Former U.N. ambassador John Bolton recorded a video used by the Russian gun rights group The Right to Bear Arms in 2013 to encourage the Russian government to loosen gun laws.

The episode, which has not been previously reported, illustrates the common cause that Russian and American gun rights groups were forming in the years leading up to the 2016 election through former National Rifle Association president David Keene. Keene appointed Bolton to the NRA's international affairs subcommittee in 2011.

Russian politician Alexander Torshin helped establish The Right to Bear Arms and cultivate ties with American gun rights groups including the NRA. As a Putin ally, Torshin served as the deputy speaker of Russia's parliament for more than a decade, and also spent time on Russia's National Anti-Terrorism Committee, a state body that includes the director of Russia's internal security service.

I'll put this here as well:

"does attorney/client privilege still apply if one party fires the other?"


See below for crucial context:

There Could Be Another Really Good Reason Why John Dowd Bolted

John Dowd, President Donald Trump‘s lead personal attorney for the Russia investigation, left his post on Thursday, and perhaps not a moment too soon. Despite reports indicating that Dowd left due to frustration with Trump related to disagreements over strategy, there could be another reason why Dowd might be glad to create some distance between himself and the president.

Like so much else with the Trump administration, it comes down to a tweet. Specifically, this famous one from after former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn‘s guilty plea for providing false statements to the FBI.

Donald J. Trump

I had to fire General Flynn because he lied to the Vice President and the FBI. He has pled guilty to those lies. It is a shame because his actions during the transition were lawful. There was nothing to hide!
10:14 AM - Dec 2, 2017
101K people are talking about this

The tweet sparked a frenzy of claims that this was proof that Trump obstructed justice by allegedly asking then-FBI Director James Comey to stop investigating Flynn, who resigned the day before. The argument was that the tweet indicated that Trump already knew Flynn had lied to the FBI at the time, and still asked Comey to back off. Asking the FBI Director to stop investigating someone who Trump knew committed a crime would potentially be enough for an obstruction charge.

Then Dowd stepped in to save the day. How did he do it? By saying that Trump didn't post the tweet, rather Dowd himself posted it from Trump's account. If Trump didn't really say it, maybe Mueller wouldn't be able to use it against him. No one believed it, and I can't imagine Dowd thought anyone would believe it, whether it was true or not. By falling on his sword, though, he hoped to take the heat off the President.

Of course, it could have also put Dowd in a really uncomfortable situation.

We know Mueller is looking into possible obstruction on Trump's part. If he's looking at that tweet now, he may be looking to interview Dowd himself (or maybe already has?), which puts him in a rough spot. See, if Dowd didn't really write the tweet, and Mueller asked him about it, he'd have to either lie to the Special Counsel to protect his client, or tell the truth and incriminate him.

Dowd wouldn't even be able to claim attorney-client privilege because he publicly said he wrote the tweet. Once you reveal information to a third party (or the whole world), you can't claim privilege over it. Dowd may be able to remain silent regarding private discussions he and Trump had about the tweet, but not when it comes to the tweet itself and claims that he already made himself.

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

The Failing New York Times purposely wrote a false story stating that I am unhappy with my legal team on the Russia case and am going to add another lawyer to help out. Wrong. I am VERY happy with my lawyers, John Dowd, Ty Cobb and Jay Sekulow. They are doing a great job and.....
6:41 AM - 11 Mar 2018

Looks like the failing NY Times was spot on.


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