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Hey! I resemble that remark!

Good for Mr Smith.... we need more like him.

It sounds like Trump supports a reasonable compromise that most Americans can live with.

It's up to Dems to lay down their cards and admit they want inconvenience abortions right up to birth.

Klobuchar leads the way -

"ST. PAUL -- Minnesota's two U.S. senators, Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith, today voted against advancing legislation to protect newborn babies who survive abortion. With the opposition of Klobuchar, who is currently running for president, and Smith, a former executive at Planned Parenthood in Minnesota, the Senate's 53-44 vote total fell short of the 60 votes required to break a filibuster and proceed with consideration of the bill."

Mueller's House Testimony Likely Off Until at Least June

June!! June?? Wow, that's like a couple of weeks from now! Can we all survive till then?

Seriously, what's the rush? Let people and sheeple start getting used to the idea that Trump, Barr, McConnell et al are in the 'circle the wagons' obstructionist mode and they will demand that Dems take any 'extreme' measures to get whatever transparency, testimony and documents Trump doesn't want the people to see and hear.

As the drip-drip-drip goes, this is bad not for the Dems, but for Trump and the GOP, where many of rank-and-file are already on the ledge and are just starting to express frustrations at Trumps self-serving and self-dealing "policies" re damaging tariffs, border, Iran, Saudis, NATO...

Slow growing economy and ever-hopeful atock market of busted overvalued IPOs are his only marginally bright spot in all the polls.

He is already underwater in election polls at about 38% at best, even in the Fox News polls and losing to current top 5 Dems, despite the officially low inflation and fake "booming economy" which is already slowing down sharply in the second quarter and will force his hand on trade issues.

And his willingness to give anything to Dems on infrastructure (gotta spend extra $2T of taxpayers' money to shore up economy and bring some bacon to his cronies) will cause even more dissent among his non-core constituents.

It's all starting to fall apart, just as his brain-dead cult members are dancing around "Investigate the investigators" campfire.

Mueller will testify sometime soon enough. The only question is how much time and energy they will spend trying to prevent this from happening and pissing off the people still on the fence who want to hear the testimony about why Mueller followed the stupid DOJ guidelines which put Presidents above the laws made for "other citizens" and left it to the 12 grand juries and the DOJ and the Congress to consider what to do next with the "Runaway" President.

Once you get past the pundits who are falsely framing impeachment as a magic wand, so they can score cheap points with a frustrated populace by disingenuously attacking Democratic House leaders for not waving that wand, the reality is that impeachment is a complex equation. If the Democrats want a positive result from it, they have to do it in a very specific and calculated way.

The polls make clear that the Democrats' strategy is working: the William Barr hearings drove the pro-impeachment poll numbers from the 37-40% range, to the 45-49% range – and this was as a result of the testimony of a guy who was trying to help Trump.

We now have a House Republican getting out slightly ahead of the Democratic House leaders on impeachment. That gives them significant cover when it comes time for them to make the argument to the public – after Mueller and McGahn testify – that they're left with no choice but to impeach Trump. Talking heads aside, this is how the process works when it comes to taking Trump down – and it's falling into place.

Can't say I disagree with these points, but it's fun watching all the Trump-humpers huff and puff while decrying the Democrats for not jumping into impeachment before the public is ripe. While no sentient person is expecting Trump's loyal base to change their minds, even most Congressmembers obviously haven't read the entire report with all the detailed information exposing Trump's malfeasance, so placing its enormity into the proper context through hearings and testimony may make all the difference in the world to the majority of the public who haven't read it either.


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