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Saturday, June 15, 2019

NOAA: Elevated bottlenose dolphin strandings have been occurring in the Northern Gulf of Mexico including Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and the panhandle of Florida (Alabama border through Franklin County) since February 1, 2019. To date, more than 261 dolphins have stranded since February 1, 2019 which is approximately three times higher than the average. This event has been declared an UME. It is too early to determine any potential causes of the UME. Many of the dolphins recovered are very decomposed, limiting the ability to collect samples to determine cause of illness or death. In addition, a number of dolphins have stranded in remote locations, which limits the Stranding Network's ability to examine or recover the carcass. Some of the stranded dolphins have had visible skin lesions that are consistent with freshwater exposure. Samples are being collected for testing.




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I am sure it is global warming. Those animals water under 55F.

#1 | Posted by Sniper at 2019-06-15 12:54 PM | Reply

We're contaminating the ground and soil with corporate factory farming, herbicides, and pesticides.

We're poisoning the streams, rivers, and waterways with the runoff.

We're choking the ocean with plastic, garbage barges, oil & gas exploration, and raw sewage.

Not only in the US, but globally.

Freshwater Crisis - www.nationalgeographic.com
India's 'worst water crisis in history' leaves millions thirsty - www.reuters.com
Texas worst for unauthorized industrial water pollution - environmenttexas.org

#2 | Posted by SheepleSchism at 2019-06-15 01:31 PM | Reply

Thanks, Capitalism!

#3 | Posted by snoofy at 2019-06-15 02:34 PM | Reply

There was no concern when it was 100 dead dolphins?

300 was the magic number?

#4 | Posted by ClownShack at 2019-06-15 02:38 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

Perhaps the concern is merely, I dunno, about 3x greater than it was before.

Or maybe your "magic number" thing is how this works.

There were good dead dolphins on both sides.

Nobody knew the environment was so complicated!

#5 | Posted by snoofy at 2019-06-15 02:48 PM | Reply

Perhaps the concern is merely, I dunno, about 3x greater than it was before.

Sure. I'm just curious as to why 100 dead dolphins wasn't a concern.

Perhaps there's always 100 dead dolphins.

#6 | Posted by ClownShack at 2019-06-15 03:05 PM | Reply

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