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Monday, June 03, 2019

Scientists have launched a bid to observe and understand mysterious flashes of light on the surface of the moon. The 'transient luminous lunar phenomena' occur several times a week and illuminate parts of the moon's landscape for a brief period of time before disappearing.




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#1 | Posted by leftcoastlawyer at 2019-06-03 01:51 PM | Reply | Funny: 1

Probably antennas on the solar array warming the potato farm that powers the flashlight.

#2 | Posted by SheepleSchism at 2019-06-03 02:21 PM | Reply

I'm not sayin it's the aliens but it's the aliens.

#3 | Posted by lfthndthrds at 2019-06-03 02:47 PM | Reply | Funny: 1


Are they car antennas?

#4 | Posted by Rightocenter at 2019-06-03 03:00 PM | Reply

Although there are several theories about the lunar mystery lights' origins, they have not yet been fully explained.

I enjoy the theory centered on an alien fusion reactor that's tucked away in one of the moon's many craters. The amount of helium-3 on the moon's surface lends credence to the logic behind putting a fusion reactor on the moon.

#5 | Posted by rstybeach11 at 2019-06-03 04:10 PM | Reply

Yes. No. No, wait. This is all propaganda!

#6 | Posted by HeliumRat at 2019-06-03 05:20 PM | Reply

You can believe or not but I actually know exactly what it is.

#7 | Posted by 1947steamer at 2019-06-03 09:04 PM | Reply

I don't understand any of the theory presented. Unless there are catalysts the environment allegedly doesn't permit much "light" or explosions whatsoever. Doesn't the spectrum explain what kind of material is either 1. reflective 2. reactive

Does that AI do anything useful?

#8 | Posted by redlightrobot at 2019-06-03 09:21 PM | Reply

Man made climate change you dumb nazis!

#9 | Posted by mutant at 2019-06-03 09:38 PM | Reply

Marvin the Martian is at it again!

#10 | Posted by visiter at 2019-06-03 10:05 PM | Reply



forgot the link...


24 May 2017

Using a system developed under an ESA contract, the Greek NELIOTA project has begun to detect flashes of light caused by small pieces of rock striking the Moon's surface. NELIOTA is the first system that can determine the temperature of these impact flashes.

#11 | Posted by mutant at 2019-06-03 10:20 PM | Reply

It's morse code.....Hellium..rat..doesn't..speak..for....us.....

#12 | Posted by Tor at 2019-06-03 10:41 PM | Reply | Funny: 3

Burn up on impact with powdered rock? No oxygen allegedly, unless these meteorites make their own. Is there enough solid material and impact craters to suggest this is the reason? Are there new craters developing continually?

#13 | Posted by redlightrobot at 2019-06-04 02:21 AM | Reply

#13 | Posted by redlightrobot, yes new craters appear constantly, we didn't know this for certain until we had a satellite that had the ability to see objects less than five meters across. Oh yea, they also got pictures of a couple of the Apollo landing sites, including the tracks made by the Rover.

#14 | Posted by docnjo at 2019-06-04 06:20 AM | Reply

Lunar wharming. I blame Trump and Elvis.

#15 | Posted by phesterOBoyle at 2019-06-04 07:04 AM | Reply

Why would there be a flash of light? An object weighing about a kilogram traveling at 35 Km per second hits something solid, like the moon. How much energy is expelled by that impact? Any physics majors know the formula?

#16 | Posted by docnjo at 2019-06-04 07:11 AM | Reply

Any physics majors know the formula?

I do.

But I don't want you to know. LOL

(it is easily Googled... move your lazy butt and google)

#17 | Posted by J_Tremain at 2019-06-04 07:20 AM | Reply

It's obviously construction for the new space force base.

#18 | Posted by Sezu at 2019-06-04 08:05 AM | Reply

Ah the Metro. The Metro is like the Onion and the National Enquirer. I'm out.

#19 | Posted by KillerKarlKrupt at 2019-06-04 08:16 AM | Reply

It's man made.

The big 3 (China, Russia, and USA) have the capability of placing advanced landers on the moon for decades.

The big 3 also have fleets of satellites orbiting the Earth.

They can command these satellites to do more than just orbit. They can actually fly around and change their orbits and do "other" things.

They send commands by radio links. The problem with radio is that it can be intercepted and more importantly, can be easily jammed to make these satellites useless.

Instead, they now send commands via Infrared lasers from landers on the moon. Being light, they can not be jammed or interfered with since the photodetectors are pointed toward the moon and away from the Earth.

The light flashes being seen are used as aiming devices for the satellite. The visible flashes are a super fast pulse train, which they first send the address of the satellite then the final checksum.

The actual commands are sent via a 200 watt infrared laser (invisible to the naked eye) along with a checksum. Both checksums must match to be accepted as a valid command to the satellite.

...or it could just be aliens...

#20 | Posted by Pegasus at 2019-06-04 09:03 AM | Reply

#17 | Posted by J_Tremain, W = PE is F × d = m × g × h, so F = (m × g × h) ÷ d. OK, Let us work it out.
(M = 1 kilograms), and is traveling at 35 kilometers per second (V = 36,000 m/s). The kinetic energy would be equal to .20×(35,000)2 =22,000 Joules or about 12X10to the six power standard units of heat. The rocks and the object that hit them were raised to a temp about 11,000 degrees. Yea, I think it would emit light.

#21 | Posted by docnjo at 2019-06-04 09:11 AM | Reply

Look first at all the stuff we've left up there.

#22 | Posted by bayviking at 2019-06-04 09:21 AM | Reply

#22 | Posted by bayviking www.google.com

#23 | Posted by docnjo at 2019-06-04 09:35 AM | Reply

Try google photographs of apollo 11 landing site

#24 | Posted by docnjo at 2019-06-04 09:37 AM | Reply

probably Moon Warming......I mean Moon Climate Change

#25 | Posted by Maverick at 2019-06-04 10:04 AM | Reply


It's Moon farts.

Otherwise known as freedom gas.

#26 | Posted by donnerboy at 2019-06-04 10:53 AM | Reply

Perhaps a meteorite defense system? That could be useful if the colonization is met with 11k+ bullets zipping through constantly.

To what depths into the powder does the ejecta get? How susceptible would a sublunar base be closer to the ice?

#27 | Posted by redlightrobot at 2019-06-04 06:23 PM | Reply

probably Moon Warming......I mean Moon Climate Change
#25 | POSTED BY MAVERICK AT 2019-06-04 10:04 AM

Sun spots mark significant changes among all bodies in it's system system.

Stellar engineering might be the penultimate stage of control we require.

#28 | Posted by redlightrobot at 2019-06-04 06:27 PM | Reply

Probably somebody's bic ran out of butane

#29 | Posted by RightisTrite at 2019-06-05 12:19 PM | Reply

Chinese attempts at lunar landings on this side of the moon?

Listen for simultaneous broadcasts in Mandarin that say,

"Sum Ting Wong!"

#30 | Posted by donnerboy at 2019-06-05 06:12 PM | Reply

"Sum Ting Wong!"

Something's wrong alright.

I'd call it xenophobia, racism, and bigotry.

Member of the Democratic Party.

#31 | Posted by SheepleSchism at 2019-06-05 06:16 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

"I'd call it xenophobia, racism, and bigotry."

Oh my gawd you and Nullo are such ignorant hacks!

Captain "Sum Ting Wong" was a prank played on KTVU.

‘KTVU has just learned the names of the four pilots on board the flight' the newsreader announced, before reading one-by-one the crack team of ‘Sum Ting Wong', ‘Wi Tu Lo', ‘Ho Lee ---' and ‘Bang Ding Ow'. It added that it was still trying to ascertain what roles the pilots played aboard Flight 214. The station later apologised on-air, insisting that the names had been confirmed by a National Transportation Safety Board official.


#32 | Posted by donnerboy at 2019-06-05 07:14 PM | Reply

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