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Friday, May 24, 2019

[Colorado] Gov. Jared Polis signed a bill in to law on Wednesday that caps co-payments on insulin medications for those with private insurance at $100. With the action, Colorado becomes the first state in the country to put such a price cap into effect. The $100 ceiling is well under the $600-to-$900 range many people were paying per month. Polis said in his office "We declare that the days of insulin price gouging are over in Colorado."




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The problem is the cost. This just shifts the cost to the insurance company who will then shift the cost to its members. Lab manufactured insulin is better than animal based, but is it enough better to justify the high cost?

#1 | Posted by visitor_ at 2019-05-24 04:29 PM | Reply

Why haven't Democrats demanded this nationwide for all drugs? As is, its cheaper to buy them in Canada.

Why are Democrats apologists for Big Pharma?

#2 | Posted by SheepleSchism at 2019-05-24 04:38 PM | Reply

Great so diabetics are set but my MS drug can still cost 8000 and as a tier 5 it's a 25% co-pay.

I mean what drug companies are doing should be criminal but why did CO see fit to do this for one stupid expensive drug and not a whole host of others that have the same issue? Oh yeah lots of press on the price increases of insulin no one talks about the price of DMD's for MS.

#3 | Posted by TaoWarrior at 2019-05-24 04:38 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

When you can get it in Africa for $3 a month without insurance and you have a co-pay of $100/month in the USA with insurance IT IS STILL PRICE GOUGING.

#4 | Posted by bayviking at 2019-05-24 08:32 PM | Reply

Why haven't Democrats demanded this nationwide for all drugs? As is, its cheaper to buy them in Canada.
Why are Democrats apologists for Big Pharma?
#2 | POSTED BY SHEEPLESCHISM AT 2019-05-24 04:38 PM

They obviously love disease.

That and Big Pharma donations.

Feinstein really makes my blood boil. She sentenced thousands to die by delaying marijuana legalization for decades, even as the opiod crisis grows she delayed therapies and overwhelmingly had no support yet stonewalled. Her and other legislators like her are scum.

#5 | Posted by redlightrobot at 2019-05-25 12:56 AM | Reply

- Feinstein

*wretch* - Also,

wood for Hope Hicks

#6 | Posted by SheepleSchism at 2019-05-25 01:42 AM | Reply

Feinstein is as much a part of the war machine as the Republican Party, as are many Democrats. Only the new young blood recently elected offers real hope and change. But the Democrat leadership will fight hope and change until they are booted.

Still the fact remains there has never been any chance for hope and change in the Republican Party whose agenda of class warfare has always been open and honest. Trump is fundamentally a con artist playing a fraudulent populist game while screwing workers.

The only chance is public pressure on the Democrats to deliver hope and change.

#7 | Posted by bayviking at 2019-05-26 08:25 AM | Reply

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