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Monday, May 20, 2019

Over the past 8,000 years or so, this planet has been managed by a bloodline-obsessed oligarchy consisting of just a few families. Though their methodologies of exploitation have evolved, their quest for total control over the planet's resources and people has never waivered. In the past forty years, utilizing the twin scourges of globalization and technology, the power of these ancient feudalists has concentrated like never before.



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If the Sumerian clay tablets are correct, around 6,000 BC hunting and gathering cultures in Mesopotamia were forced into agriculture by Annunaki "gods" from whence these feudalists derive their lineage. For at least a hundred thousand years before that, humans lived in egalitarian tribes, worked around eight hours a week to sustain their simple lives, moved semi-nomadically with the animals and the seasons, and rarely engaged in warfare with neighboring tribes.

With the forced advent of agriculture, humanity was pushed out of its Garden of Eden. With it came surpluses and shortages, the commodification of land, resources and even women. A class system arose beneath a new banker elite, who enjoyed the fruits of the farmers' toil from their new city states of Babylon and Ur. These lazy idle rich were those of the invader bloodlines. Their hands never got dirty, but were instead soaked in the blood of anyone who challenged their self-proclaimed status as feudal lords.


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This is why I was sent to Earth.

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