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Friday, May 17, 2019

A yearlong Ohio State University investigation has found that a doctor working for the school's athletic teams and the student health center abused at least 177 students from 1979 -- 97, according to a report released Friday.




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-Michigan State

#1 | Posted by Rightocenter at 2019-05-17 08:54 PM | Reply

It's a scandal a week in "higher" education.

#2 | Posted by nullifidian at 2019-05-17 09:04 PM | Reply


It's so easy to smear "higher education" (i.e., post-secondary education) with remote stories like these.

I suppose you painted all post-secondary education as being protectors of pedophilia after the Penn State scandal too.

What a shame.

#3 | Posted by rstybeach11 at 2019-05-17 09:15 PM | Reply

It's a scandal a week in "higher" education.


Aren't you going to post a link to another article and cry like a bitch over the site's 1,000 character limit and/or the moderator shortening the excerpt from the article when this was moved to the front?

#4 | Posted by MrSilenceDogood at 2019-05-18 03:10 AM | Reply

See, THIS is what I said I said I never heard about!

- Rep. Jim Jordan

(Former wrestling coach at OSU who denied the accounts of many athletes who've alleged they complained to him about sexual abuse and he did nothing)

#5 | Posted by AMERICANUNITY at 2019-05-18 04:33 AM | Reply

I remain puzzled by this story. Male college athletes were being sexually abused by a team doctor, and not one of the athletes stopped the doctor during the assault?

I played D3 soccer in school. If anyone in the training room had touched me sexually, I would have put their head through the drywall.

This story makes NO sense to me.

#6 | Posted by contrecoup at 2019-05-18 11:59 AM | Reply

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