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Saturday, May 11, 2019

A Texas bartender who served a man who later went on a deadly shooting spree in September 2017 was arrested and charged last week by authorities in Texas. Lindsey Glass, 27, was charged with violating Texas law when she served Spencer Hight enough drinks that his blood alcohol level was four times the state's legal limit.




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I thought this story was about being served a killer. Boy was I wrong.

#1 | Posted by HeliumRat at 2019-05-11 11:52 AM | Reply

This is stupid.

The civil suit was dropped already. The bartender isn't guilt of anything from what read. She addressed his behavior.

#2 | Posted by eberly at 2019-05-11 02:31 PM | Reply

Maybe she can run for Congress in the 14th District of NY.

#3 | Posted by Rightocenter at 2019-05-11 02:38 PM | Reply | Funny: 1

"When her manager's efforts did not resolve Lindsey's concerns, she followed Hight and then, as her concerns grew, she called 911."

Calling the cops for help?

Must be white.

#4 | Posted by snoofy at 2019-05-11 02:43 PM | Reply

>implying you're guilty for the actions of someone to whom you've served some booze
>using this opportunity to scrounge muh ------- metrics


#5 | Posted by berserkone at 2019-05-12 02:45 AM | Reply

That is the law in Texas, bartenders can't serve individuals who are visibly intoxicated. At 4 times the legal limit, I doubt this individual could walk a line or ask for a drink with out falling off of his stool.

#6 | Posted by docnjo at 2019-05-12 03:40 AM | Reply

1-4 ------- impressions on anything not retweeted.
Please clap.

#7 | Posted by berserkone at 2019-05-12 03:59 AM | Reply

#6, not necessarily. If he was a chronic heavy drinker, he could have developed functional tolerance to alcohol.

#8 | Posted by sentinel at 2019-05-12 04:13 AM | Reply

#6, not necessarily. If he was a chronic heavy drinker, he could have developed functional tolerance to alcohol.


YUP! :)

#9 | Posted by jpw at 2019-05-12 04:23 AM | Reply

#8 | Posted by sentinel The bartender knew how much he had bought. To get to 4 times the legal limit over a period of a few hours, this booze hound would have had to drink at least 12 shots, that is a lot of booze to serve an individual in one setting. I have tended bar, even I knew that I would have the potential problem with the law if anything happened if I served an individual that much hooch.

#10 | Posted by docnjo at 2019-05-12 05:31 AM | Reply



#10 - DOCNJO

It's not quite that simple. I've only ever had to refuse 2 guys a drink because they were visibly intoxicated. Both times it was not from what I served them. One was a loud boisterous fun loving rowdy drunk(tipped me $100 after I told him he was cut off...and that was only two shots in. Well, two shots of whiskey and two shots of dish water so technically 4), the other had just found out he had stage 3 cancer. Both had been drinking before they walked into the bar.

#11 | Posted by gavaster at 2019-05-12 09:36 AM | Reply

Some times some need to get good and sloshed up, learning of your painful demise in short order. is as good as any. Best to do that at home. It is much less expensive.

#12 | Posted by docnjo at 2019-05-12 04:20 PM | Reply

Did they charge the guy who sold him the gun with anything?

#13 | Posted by TFDNihilist at 2019-05-12 07:20 PM | Reply

Did they charge the salesman who sold him the car he drove? Did they charge the priest who married him and his ex-wife?

In a statement to CBS News, Glass' attorney, Scott Palmer said, "Spencer Hight's decision to destroy the lives of eight other people is unrelated to the four drinks that Hight consumed at the Local Public House on September 10, 2017."

Sounds like he was drinking before and after he was at the bar.

#14 | Posted by sentinel at 2019-05-12 08:00 PM | Reply

Plano, TX? Think that's Goatman's home turf...

#15 | Posted by REDIAL at 2019-05-12 08:02 PM | Reply

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