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Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Daenerys whispers to Jorah Mormont, "These are platonic tears.".

Euron Greyjoy's "pube squid".



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I think the big E4 lesson is NEVER, NEVER, NEVER - under any circumstances - trust a woman. Sansa is sworn to an oath by John and violates it moments later. Keep this in mind if ever banging a side chick.

#1 | Posted by iragoldberg at 2019-05-07 01:54 AM | Reply

"Live on a farm upstate"

New Yorker betraying his non-redneck self?

Just a bone to the inevitable "why's he talking with a fake southern accent" posts.

He nails it from the dragon death scene on, though.

So many absurdities in the dragon dying. Even for fantasy, his level of campy, comic book villain-ness is just dumb.

It's almost as if the producers sat down to start planning season 8 and said "ok so....f---....Martin doesn't know what the hell is going on and neither do we...somebody call M. Night Shyamalan".

#2 | Posted by jpw at 2019-05-07 02:34 AM | Reply

"somebody call M. Night Shyamalan".

I think the better analogy is Vince Russo - but if you never watched wrestling this may not resonate with you. For M. Night, the difference is that we get a plot twist, but there is usually some backing for it. Russo did the opposite - he did a 'swerve' just to screw with the hardcore fans and prove their fan theories wrong. His swerves also had no forward thought or connection to previous character development.

#3 | Posted by iragoldberg at 2019-05-07 02:46 AM | Reply

I think the better analogy is Vince Russo - but if you never watched wrestling this may not resonate with you.

Haven't watched it since the days of Hulk, Ultimate Warrior and Macho Man. Early 90s maybe?

But looking him up I see it's likely a more appropriate reference.

#4 | Posted by jpw at 2019-05-07 03:02 AM | Reply

Jamie and Gendry, both heartbroken, are on my shortlist to be some of the next characters to not see the end of the season.

#5 | Posted by GOnoles92 at 2019-05-07 07:06 AM | Reply

- NEVER - under any circumstances - trust a woman
- banging a side chick.

Sounds much like a misogynist confirming their bias.

The lesson a less deluded soul might learn from these characters is that most people, particularly strong- willed intelligent people, including women, are more likely to ultimately act on their own conclusions about new information than to allow themselves to be manipulated against their better judgement by others.

In this case, Sansa knows that her brother, a person who is a truth-teller almost to a fault, is being swayed into lying by his love for another person. In her judgement, and apparently in that of most of the main characters, Jon would make the better king. And if undermining the Dragon Queen serves a more noble purpose to the kingdom in her judgement, then her actions are not at all surprising.

Nor are they in any way gender-related.

#6 | Posted by Corky at 2019-05-07 03:14 PM | Reply


Martin has complained about the showrunners using Q data or character popularity with the public to drive the action; he cites a minor character like Bronn. He also seems not to be too enamored with their finale, whatever that is, though he did say that Ayra was going to kill the NK all along, which was pretty obvious.

He also said he wished there were several more seasons, although he accepted fault for not finishing the books (still). Apparently though there are at least 3 TV series spin-offs he said were moving along quite nicely.

#7 | Posted by Corky at 2019-05-07 03:18 PM | Reply

How about we take a moment to appreciate the end of Ser Brienne's story. How tragic and beautiful. She went from getting everything she ever wanted to having it all taken away over the course of only three episodes. We've spent the last 7 seasons learning one thing about her character, she can take a beating and get up to keep fighting. But this was different and we got to see her choose to be vulnerable for the first time and have that vulnerability taken advantage of almost immediately. Brienne brought low. And that shot of her standing there, with her head down, inconsolable, in the shadows of Winterfell as Jaime rides away... iconic. This season has its faults, but her story, even though it wasn't what we wanted for her, was handled flawlessly.

#8 | Posted by Hagbard_Celine at 2019-05-07 07:23 PM | Reply

Reading the first books early on, Brienne and Arya were favorite characters to follow. Brienne's treks across the Empire and adventures with Podrick searching for the Stark girls.... that pair may be one of the spin-offs, not unlike Arya and The Hound... and her and Jaimie's almost forever unrequited love as you say.

#9 | Posted by Corky at 2019-05-07 07:54 PM | Reply

I'm looking forward to the Tormund and Ghost spin-off.

#10 | Posted by Hagbard_Celine at 2019-05-08 07:31 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

This episode did feel rushed, or like they crammed too much stuff into it. It seemed like the writers were trying to actively annoy the viewers by having the regular characters make one inexplicably dumb choice after another.

#11 | Posted by sentinel at 2019-05-08 11:32 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

Will Sansa hookup with the Hound? 👀

#12 | Posted by GOnoles92 at 2019-05-09 12:29 AM | Reply

The last two seasons have been a total disappointment. It is like bad fanfiction with a lot of recycled lines and absolutely no coherent understanding of time or distance. All the characters have been boiled down to black/white, good/evil, which is the greatest betrayal imaginable to their creator who says, 'the only thing worth writing about is the human heart in conflict with itself'.
Brand is just weird and doesn't have the acting chops to pull off the greenseer. A sex scene with a 13 year old girl, who the ---- wants to see that? Ghost and Mormont's raven are VITAL to understanding Jon and they have played no part.
It is just bad. I'm ready for it to be over so Martin can continue his work in peace. For me book 3 is the best piece of fiction I have ever read. This show isn't that, not even close.

The promos for Chernobyl look fantastic, though.

#13 | Posted by BluSky at 2019-05-09 12:37 AM | Reply

--A sex scene with a 13 year old girl, who the ---- wants to see that?

Apparently the adolescent males that make up the bulk of the audience for this soft porn.

#14 | Posted by nullifidian at 2019-05-09 12:55 AM | Reply

"A sex scene with a 13 year old girl, who the ---- wants to see that?"

Are you referring Martin's first book here, or to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet?

Not sure which scene you're referring to in the TV show. Many of the characters on TV are at least 2 years older than they were at the same point in the books.

#15 | Posted by sentinel at 2019-05-09 01:13 AM | Reply

was handled flawlessly
For the first time after many years on this site I have to disagree with you.
Brienne loves Renly, only Renly. Not some Moulder/Scully or soap opera sexual tension love. A Tale of Two Cites love. A take-your-place-on-the-scaffold, love. He gave her the only thing she ever wanted, respect. She doesn't need a man. She doesn't cry over booty calls. She doesn't lie or play drinking games. Her and Jamie clearly have an intimate connection, but it isn't sexual.
Now she is just another dopey chick. All she needed the whole time was a good -------- to make her a real woman.

If we cant have the real Brienne from the books, who is probably the daughter of Old Nan and Duncan the Tall, not Selwyn Tarth, then they should have just made up a new character like they did the the Night King and given her a proper Horatius at the Bridge death.

#16 | Posted by BluSky at 2019-05-09 01:25 AM | Reply

Not sure which scene you're referring to
This is a stupid question. Are you trying to bait me?

#17 | Posted by BluSky at 2019-05-09 01:34 AM | Reply

#17 - ????

#18 | Posted by sentinel at 2019-05-09 11:07 AM | Reply

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