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Monday, April 22, 2019

President Donald Trump contended Monday that none of his underlings routinely defy his commands, despite numerous examples contained in Robert Mueller's report showing aides ignoring or refusing his dictates. "Nobody disobeys my orders," Trump said during a walkabout on the South Lawn for the annual Easter egg roll.



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"A third contribution comes to us in the form of political philosophy. It is his book Lex Rex.

The Latin title simply means "the law is king." This was contrary to the opposite Rex Lex, "the king is law."

In this book, Rutherford argues for constitutionalism, meaning that the government should not be a monarchy or an oligarchy or a dictatorship, in which the nation is ruled by an individual or an elite few.

Rutherford argued that a rule of law is what is best for the people. The book was published in 1644 and had a significant impact not only in that century but especially in the next century as modern nation-states took shape."


Trump isn't much of a reader.... except for that book of speeches his ex-wife said he kept by his bed side.

#1 | Posted by Corky at 2019-04-22 02:19 PM | Reply

... Trump Claims 'Nobody Disobeys My Orders' ...

Pres Trump says a lot of things. It now seems that much of what Pres Trump says is not necessarily true. I had suspected that previously, but it has all been laid out so succinctly of late.

btw, while we're in this topic of subordinates not doing what Pres Trump tells them to do...

All the people mentioned in the Mueller Report as not following Pres Trump's orders because it may be unlawful to do so... how many of those people are still working in the White House? My count says zero.

If my count is correct, it now appears that there may be no one in the White House that will protect Pres Trump from his own worst impulses.

Is that a good thing?

#2 | Posted by LampLighter at 2019-04-22 02:31 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 3

Mueller it seems was wrong about everything except that Trump is exonerated.

#3 | Posted by Zed at 2019-04-22 03:09 PM | Reply

Maybe if trump evers feels like reading something, he can read the American state documents.

#4 | Posted by kudzu at 2019-04-22 03:09 PM | Reply

Nobody wants to get wacked, right?

#5 | Posted by contrecoup at 2019-04-22 07:20 PM | Reply

So trump is say that the report which "exonerates" him isn't accurate?

His ego is bigger than his desire to stay out of jail.

#6 | Posted by SpeakSoftly at 2019-04-22 07:26 PM | Reply

Mueller had to know that him saying that Trump's underlings ignored his orders would get under his skin and obviously it has.
The best remedy for Trump is to laugh and point at him.

#7 | Posted by danni at 2019-04-22 08:39 PM | Reply

I see a lot of border agents are following President Bucket of ----- orders to break the law on asylum seekers.

#8 | Posted by truthhurts at 2019-04-22 10:49 PM | Reply

Only Bernie can beat Trump. Warren is Hillary II.

#9 | Posted by NerfHerder at 2019-04-23 10:55 AM | Reply

#9 bs.

#10 | Posted by BruceBanner at 2019-04-23 02:06 PM | Reply

#10 let me guess-- you must've thought Trump couldn't beat Hillary.

#11 | Posted by NerfHerder at 2019-04-23 02:49 PM | Reply

"Nobody disobeys my orders", says man whose administration has the record highest number of firings, resignations and reassignments.

#12 | Posted by Derek_Wildstar at 2019-04-23 03:45 PM | Reply

you must've thought Trump couldn't beat Hillary.

#11 | Posted by NerfHerder

You musta thought he didn't have help from a hostile foreign power.

I know because that is exactly what most of us thought (or hoped), too.

Until we read the Mueller Report. You HAVE read the Mueller report haven't you?

"Russian efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election represent the most recent expression of Moscow's longstanding desire to undermine the U.S.-led liberal democratic order, but these activities demonstrated a significant escalation in directness, level of activity, and scope of effort compared to previous operations," the report said.

Trump (RIGHTLY) viewed stories about his Russian connections, investigations and the intelligence community assessment of Russian interference "as a threat to the legitimacy of his electoral victory."

Not only were the Russians able to successfully exploit divisions that already existed in the U.S., they also were able to undermine the legitimacy of the electoral process, McFaul said.

I would disobey his orders, too. I would die on that hill.

Semper fi

"Millions of Americans have now questioned the legitimacy of President Trump, and that's damaging to the United States and that is good for Russia," he said.

Trump has yet to condemn Russia's actions and has on several occasions said he believes Russian President Vladimir Putin's denials.

Trumps refusal to condemn Russia and hold Putin accountable is a threat to our democracy and free elections and so a threat to our national security.

#13 | Posted by donnerboy at 2019-04-23 04:46 PM | Reply

All the people mentioned in the Mueller Report as not following Pres Trump's orders because it may be unlawful to do so... how many of those people are still working in the White House? My count says zero.

Fat Nixon tells them to break the law.

They refuse.

They "resign".

Now Fat Nixon tells them to not cooperate with Congress.

---- it. Lock them ALL UP.

#14 | Posted by Nixon at 2019-04-24 08:06 AM | Reply

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