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Friday, March 15, 2019

While a teenager, O'Rourke acknowledged in an exclusive interview, he belonged to the oldest group of computer hackers in U.S. history. The hugely influential Cult of the Dead Cow, jokingly named after an abandoned Texas slaughterhouse, is notorious for releasing tools that allowed ordinary people to hack computers running Microsoft's Windows. It's also known for inventing the word "hacktivism" to describe human-rights-driven security work. Members of the group have protected O'Rourke's secret for decades, reluctant to compromise his political viability. Now, in a series of interviews, CDC members have acknowledged O'Rourke as one of their own. In all, more than a dozen members of the group agreed to be named for the first time in a book about the hacking group by this reporter that is scheduled to be published in June by Public Affairs. O'Rourke was interviewed early in his run for the Senate.



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During his membership, it seemed more like an essay club at the time, but still a cool insight into his early life.

#1 | Posted by GOnoles92 at 2019-03-15 02:53 PM | Reply

--but still a cool insight into his early life.

Here's a cool insight into one of his opponents' early life.

(CNN)Bernie Sanders advocated for the nationalization of most major industries, including energy companies, factories, and banks, when he was a leading member of a self-described "radical political party" in the 1970s, a CNN KFile review of his record reveals.


#2 | Posted by nullifidian at 2019-03-15 03:02 PM | Reply


Bububububut that was then, this is now!!!!


#3 | Posted by Rightocenter at 2019-03-15 03:34 PM | Reply


My favorite part of Bernie's early adulthood was that he joined a commune and got kicked out for being too lazy.

#4 | Posted by JeffJ at 2019-03-15 03:39 PM | Reply | Funny: 5

Too lazy then, and too lazy to be anything but a back-bencher in his congressional career.

Is Bernie Sanders lazy?
Politifact: Mostly true

#5 | Posted by nullifidian at 2019-03-15 03:43 PM | Reply | Funny: 2 | Newsworthy 1


Pale, male, frail and flail.

#6 | Posted by Rightocenter at 2019-03-15 03:47 PM | Reply

Interesting... the effort put into diverting this thread ...

#7 | Posted by LampLighter at 2019-03-15 04:07 PM | Reply

Is there anyone here who hasn't done something they are ashamed of in their youth. I certainly have, and some stupid things I'm still proud of.

But in America there is a huge Republican industry devoted to digging up dirt on their political opponents. We know Democrats have done the same to Trump and all his predecessors, though they lack the ruthlessness of the GOP.

The lone clean wolf amidst this decrepit circus is Nader. No dirt Nadet

As always attack the messenger when your only message is total BS.

#8 | Posted by bayviking at 2019-03-15 04:39 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 2

"There is no indication that O'Rourke ever engaged in the edgiest sorts of hacking activity, such as breaking into computers or writing code that enabled others to do so. But his membership in the group could explain his approach to politics better than anything on his resume. His background in hacking circles has repeatedly informed his strategy as he explored and subverted established procedures in technology, the media and government.

"There's just this profound value in being able to be apart from the system and look at it critically and have fun while you're doing it," O'Rourke said. "I think of the Cult of the Dead Cow as a great example of that."

Rofl.... the Haters gotta Hate, right?

So funny.

'Member when they thought of themselves as iconoclastic?

Me neither.

#9 | Posted by Corky at 2019-03-15 04:51 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

He was a hacker whose nickname was "Psychedelic Warlord?"

I can't wait until the people turned off by this sort of thing have died off.

#10 | Posted by JOE at 2019-03-15 04:57 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 2

apropos of morose soc profs, cynical way past the point of any useful iconoclastic value....

from this week's Modern Family

"Alex: would you mind running down to the hardware store?

Haley: No way. I don't trust myself to drive anymore.
I signed up to be the student liaison for a visiting scholar on campus Sir Kenneth Penrose.
Yes, that Sir Kenneth Penrose.
Rock star of the microbiology world.

I can't wait to get to the lab and jot - Hey! - Aah! Whoa! That was my chemistry advisor.

I would not want to be known as the girl who killed Sir Kenneth! W-Where am I? You don't know the shame.

Now they won't let me drive around anyone smarter than a sociology professor."

Read more: www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk

#11 | Posted by Corky at 2019-03-15 05:16 PM | Reply | Funny: 1

(CNN)Bernie Sanders advocated for the nationalization of most major industries, including energy companies, factories, and banks, when he was a leading member of a self-described "radical political party" in the 1970s, a CNN KFile review of his record reveals.

#2 | Posted by nullifidian

That's interesting, that Bernie would have advocated for the same things that the author of the 'Pledge of Allegiance' did back in the 19th century.


#12 | Posted by OCUser at 2019-03-15 06:09 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 2

Interesting that His Dullness is still living in the '70's.... they prolly want their 'shrooms back.

#13 | Posted by Corky at 2019-03-15 07:22 PM | Reply

#4 | Posted by JeffJ at 2019-03-15 03:39 PM | Reply | Fl

So this story came from 1 book but according to this book Bernie Sanders was never a member of this commune
he was visiting it for 3 days which was the time he was allotted to visit

"This is according to the forthcoming book We Are As Gods by Kate Daloz, which tells the story of Myrtle Hill Farm, a commune in northeast Vermont that Sanders visited in 1971. Sanders had been visiting the commune while researching an article on "natural childbirth," which appeared in the newsletter he edited for the Liberty Union Party."

According to the book he asked a lot of questions to lots of people and apparently according to this author disturb their working time and was asked to leave after the allotted 3 days.

You dumb asses will believe any lie thrown at you from fake right wing new site

#14 | Posted by PunchyPossum at 2019-03-15 08:15 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

I hate to break it to people but this is kinda cool.

Trump clearly did nothing that wasn't lame when he was a teen.

#15 | Posted by Tor at 2019-03-15 08:24 PM | Reply

heh heh... new gen.

#16 | Posted by RightisTrite at 2019-03-16 09:06 AM | Reply

The funniest thing about this meme is that "secret" pertaining news that's all over the web is an incongruent concept.

Perhaps we should not use "secret" so willy nilly anymore.

#17 | Posted by RightisTrite at 2019-03-16 09:11 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

CDC membership in the days of 2400 baud bbs? Oh noes! Next we'll find out he went to a DEFCON.

#18 | Posted by sitzkrieg at 2019-03-16 09:55 AM | Reply | Funny: 4

CDC membership in the days of 2400 baud bbs? Oh noes! Next we'll find out he went to a DEFCON.

#18 | Posted by sitzkrieg

My neighbor ran a PC shop in 1988, and I was the first person on the block with a 56Kb modem in my Commodore PC10-III with a 40Mb hard drive (partitioned into two 20MB drives because MSDOS at the time would only address 32MB), 5 1/4" HD floppy drive and a 3 1/2" HD floppy drive, Hercules video processor, Intel 8088 CPU, Intel 8087 Math coprocessor, and 640KB of RAM. The bee's knees, amirite? The main software was GeoWorks with a genuine GUI experience. Nowadays I drive an equivalently tricked-out desktop and a sweet laptop that weighs a bit over 3 1/2 pounds. My smartphone is a TMZ android because I am cheap.

#19 | Posted by john47 at 2019-03-16 10:13 AM | Reply

lol I remember my first 40 gb hd.. I said to myself...mannnnn I will never be able to fill this thing up...

My I phone 6s I regularly use for random buttdialing has wayyyyyyy more juice than my first computers... and besides... who back then answering the call of the nerd didn't at least try to hack?

I like working in different platforms so I almost always have 4 putes of varying power... a lap top for travel and a pad for work.

I love my toys.

#20 | Posted by RightisTrite at 2019-03-16 10:48 AM | Reply

I remember running WoW on 512MB RAM and an integrated GPU back in the mid 2000s, get like a whole new world of tech back then.

#21 | Posted by GOnoles92 at 2019-03-16 11:49 AM | Reply

Is there anyone here who hasn't done something they are ashamed of in their youth.

I don't see how this is shameful, other than claiming to be part of the group, but then disown doing any of the cool stuff they were doing, that is pretty political IMO.

I hacked Calpoly's file system by accident. We were working on the file system for the school, and I didn't clear the sectors I had allocated. Turns out deleting a file doesn't delete its contents, just its allocation in the sector table.

I was reading all sort of juicy stuff, putting together peoples homework assignments, adding and correcting the code, then sending it to them anon.

Got introduced to ArpaNet also through my roommate who was a mech engineer, we down loaded steam tables from Berkeley on a TI Silent 700 which I bought working at my fathers company as a janitor. After that we grovelled around all sorts of file systems looking for anything interesting. Never really had the bug to hack anything illegally.

Just a little background, Nulli and I worked at one of Nolan Bushnells statup companies. He was testing his code on a custom box. His test was a couple of days, and I walked up to it just to say hi, I was fresh from school, as he was working on the machine, I noticed he had a bright RED button on his machine that mine didn't have. So I pressed it......

Been friends ever since.

#22 | Posted by AndreaMackris at 2019-03-16 02:19 PM | Reply

Oh so what?!

#23 | Posted by phesterOBoyle at 2019-03-16 10:47 PM | Reply

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