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Thursday, March 14, 2019

The neighbors were fed up. For days, they'd had no electricity or running water because of a massive national blackout. So one morning this week, they piled logs and garbage into a makeshift barricade in their middle-class Caracas neighborhood and started yelling slogans against the government. Then came the motorcycles. There were at least 20 of them, their motors buzzing, driven by men with scarves over their faces, according to interviews with 10 witnesses. The demonstrators scattered. But as people in surrounding buildings started hurling bottles at the bikers, the men raised their weapons - pistols and rifles - and opened fire.


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The Venezuela's own Antifa!


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You know Andrea, Trump threatened exactly the same thing just the other day on Breitbart. This is a Putin tactic, where do you think Trump gets his ideas? Trump specifically said he has the support of "bikers for Trump" in a threatening manner. Every major network should be talking about what he said in relation to the possibility that he would lose the election and they try to pretend it was illigitimate and retain power. Congress needs to step up and do their job, he needs to be tols that he either repudiates entirely those comments or face immediate impeachment. And any Republican who disagrees after what he threatened needs to renounce their citizenship.

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Late stage socialism: Leftist thugs assault their former supporters.

In Romania, murderous loyalists kept fighting until Communist dictator Ceaușescu was executed, and for some time afterwards.

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