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Friday, February 08, 2019

Donald Trump's 2016 campaign chairman Paul Manafort continued to keep in touch with his Russian associate Konstantin Kilimnik and discuss Ukrainian politics while he was working for the campaign and through last year, and that's become a central issue of Robert Mueller's special counsel investigation, according to a transcript of a closed-door court hearing.



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"But, prosecutors say, Manafort met with Kilimnik several times throughout 2017 and even into 2018, and discussed Ukrainian policy again and again.

"This goes, I think, very much to the heart of what the special counsel's office is investigating," Weissmann said at the hearing. "There is an in-person meeting at an unusual time for somebody who is the campaign chairman to be spending time, and to be doing it in person."

Weissmann also noted that at the August 2016 meeting of Kilimnik, Manafort and his deputy Rick Gates took pains to leave separately -- at a time when contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia were of utmost interest.

Prosecutors have previously outlined how Manafort's Ukrainian connections mattered to their probe, in that the Ukrainians Manafort had long worked for had pro-Russian leanings and ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin."

Sizzling Nothingburgers... with Collusion Sauce.

#1 | Posted by Corky at 2019-02-08 12:26 AM | Reply

"The details came in a partially redacted transcript released Thursday of a sealed hearing between prosecutors and the defense team for Trump's former campaign chairman in the ongoing legal battle over whether Manafort lied and breached his deal to cooperate in Robert S. Mueller III's probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

At the hearing, attorneys discussed whether Manafort may have been motivated to lie in one unspecified instance "to at least augment his chances for a pardon," the transcript states, suggesting prosecutors' suspicion that Manafort might be trying to deceive them even now, after his guilty plea in September in Washington, in the hope of winning a reprieve from the president.

The transcript added a fresh hint of intrigue to a previously known Aug. 2, 2016, meeting at the Grand Havana Room, an upscale cigar bar in Manhattan, between Manafort and Kilimnik at the height of the Trump campaign.

Weissmann said at the hearing that the meeting included Rick Gates, Manafort's top deputy on the Trump campaign and in Ukraine who also has pleaded guilty in the Mueller investigation, and that Gates said the men left separately using different exits than Kilimnik.


Read: Transcript of closed-door Manafort hearing


#2 | Posted by Corky at 2019-02-08 12:43 AM | Reply

I'll have a side of traitor tot casserole to go with my Nothingburer with cheese.

#3 | Posted by aborted_monson at 2019-02-08 02:15 AM | Reply | Funny: 1

... "This goes, I think, very much to the heart of what the special counsel's office is investigating," ...

Emphasis upon the "I think" words.

It's a guess. It may be a guess based upon some specific information, but it is still acknowledged as a guess.

#4 | Posted by LampLighter at 2019-02-08 02:44 PM | Reply

Weissmann is Mueller's Lead Prosecutor.... so it's rather informed "guess".

#5 | Posted by Corky at 2019-02-08 02:50 PM | Reply

@#5 ... rather informed "guess" ...

I do not disagree, however, I also think it is not appropriate to turn a guess, no matter how informed, into a definitive.

For all we know, that could be an intentional "guess" to divert attention temporarily away from something else that is being investigated.

#6 | Posted by LampLighter at 2019-02-08 03:10 PM | Reply

- into a definitive.

Doesn't appear that anyone did that, but whatever.

#7 | Posted by Corky at 2019-02-08 03:48 PM | Reply

@#7 ... Doesn't appear that anyone did that, but whatever.. ...

I didn't say anyone did.

#8 | Posted by LampLighter at 2019-02-08 04:11 PM | Reply

Another point of interest in Mr Manafort...

Manafort Prosecutors Have Questions About $1 Million Condo Loan

...Special Counsel Robert Mueller wants to know more about a $1 million loan made to Paul Manafort's family in the days after the FBI raided his home.

Mueller's prosecutors on Thursday told a court they needed to know more about the August 2017 loan, from a Nevada company called Woodlawn LLC. Manafort, the onetime chairman of President Donald Trump's campaign, guaranteed the loan, which was secured by the family's interest in a Manhattan condominium, according to court papers.

As Manafort's legal problems escalated, Woodlawn installed a Hollywood bit player named Joey Rappa as its "managing member" in public filings. The investor or investors funding the loan wanted to remain anonymous given the potential for embarrassment, according to a lawyer for the lender.

Now that prosecutors are seeking to seize the condo after Manafort's conviction on tax- and bank-fraud charges, Woodlawn is staking a claim to it in order to collect on the debt.

But one riddle remains: Who actually funded the $1 million loan?...

#9 | Posted by LampLighter at 2019-02-08 04:37 PM | Reply

Sheldon Adelson would be my guess. Hopefully he ends up in prison as well.

#10 | Posted by aborted_monson at 2019-02-08 06:23 PM | Reply

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