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Friday, January 18, 2019

The US Air Force and Missile Defense Agency (MDA) are examining integrating the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II into the US ballistic missile defense system. The stealth fighter's abilities, especially its sensors, were highlighted as part of the Pentagon's Missile Defense Review, released on 17 January, which stressed Russia, China, Iran and North Korea's growing arsenal of cruise and ballistic missiles as a potential threat to US security. "DoD's newest tactical aircraft, the F-35 Lightning II, has a capable sensor system that can detect the infrared signature of a boosting missile and its computers can identify the threatening missile's location. The F-35 can transmit tracking data for network centric warfighting," says the report.



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"Intercepting offensive missiles in their boostphase (before the re-entry vehicle separates from the booster) using kinetic interceptors and/or directed energy would increase the likelihood of successfully countering the threat," says the report. That would "complicate an aggressor's attack calculus by reducing its confidence in its missile attack planning, and reduce the number of midcourse or terminal active defense interceptors needed to destroy the adversary's remaining offensive missiles."

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But first we have deal with Trump, his Shutdown and tons of cold fast food. Fraker is turning Amreeka into Rohingya Refugee Center...

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