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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Jonathan Marcus: "We learned when America retreats, chaos often follows." This assertion was made by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during his recent speech in Cairo. But the remark did little to resolve the uncertainty among Washington's friends and allies in the region. Are US troops in Syria staying or going? If staying, for how long? And if going, when?



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Doubt it ..

Seems Democrats have become the party of bombing .... I expect them to win after Trump leaves office.

From Lybia, Syria, even Honduras, no amount of humane hardship is enough to make people understand their "intelligence."

The proof is in the mass migrations due to their direct policies.

In fact it would appear in a study ...

The Competence downshift by White Liberals.

White liberals self-present less competence to minorities than to other Whites -- that is, they patronize minorities stereotyped as lower status and less competent.

Hence the need to bomb them, destroy their counties, and blame everything on previous "US policy" mouth-breathers.

#1 | Posted by AndreaMackris at 2019-01-12 08:58 PM | Reply

Look at Mackris scramble to change the subject. "Here... read some pop psychology on an UNRELATED TOPIC."

#2 | Posted by DirkStruan at 2019-01-12 09:08 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

"Seems Democrats have become the party of bombing"

Have become?

We dropped the big one on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, before you were reading Bazooka Joe comics that came with your bubble gum.

You ever notice how you can't paint your own views in a positive light, only cast aspersions on others, Andrea, a mattress.

What's up with that?

#3 | Posted by snoofy at 2019-01-12 09:09 PM | Reply

Funny how pre-Southern Strategy Dems are "we" when it comes to nukes, but "they're really Republicans" when it comes to the Klan.

#4 | Posted by sitzkrieg at 2019-01-13 07:36 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 2

Some things change.
Soem things stay the same.
Except for libertarians always losing elections.
That stays the same.

#5 | Posted by snoofy at 2019-01-13 02:34 PM | Reply

How can lying to your people about pulling troops out while increasing bombings possibly end 'Forever Wars'?

Maybe you can put out a campfire by just adding enough logs to it, right trumpers?

#6 | Posted by IndianaJones at 2019-01-14 03:34 PM | Reply

Funny how republicl°wns love their cut and run policies... which is what Trumplethinskin is doing.

The proof is in the mass migrations due to their direct policies.


Woah Mackrelass... do you rehearse your stupid or what ?

Three generations of Bush family have been involving themselves in M.E. policy to the detriment of others since WW2. Not to mention close ties with various members of bin Laden family. Feel free to look it up.

Reagoonietunes was happier than a clam at high tide funding Contras via cocaine drug trafficking... The world knows it especially Latin Americans... those refugees from Honduras?... the chickens coming home to roost... so please go to hell and take your stupid with you.

#7 | Posted by RightisTrite at 2019-01-14 04:37 PM | Reply

Oh ---- me to tears. When will we stop this stupid Game.

Trump couldn't end a good Fart properly.

#8 | Posted by donnerboy at 2019-01-14 07:32 PM | Reply

Between Bush and Trump, the United States has now ceded influence in the Middle East to Iran and Russia.


#9 | Posted by AMERICANUNITY at 2019-01-14 08:57 PM | Reply

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