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Friday, January 11, 2019

When I arrived in our nation's capital 14 years ago, I learned that one quickly becomes well-versed in the Washingtonian dialect of "spin" -- a practice that can be defined as presenting facts in the most persuasive light possible. A more nefarious description is propaganda. When debating policy, individuals use the facts necessary to present their argument in the most attractive way. But central to any debate that can bring a meaningful outcome is the presentation of evidence-based facts. I have tried my best to sift through the political weeds of punchlines and selling points to look strictly at the facts, but the clear waters of reality have become more muddied each year. And no debate more clearly exemplifies the two separate realities than the debate over immigration.



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As I write this, the partial government shutdown is about to enter its third week. There are more than 800,000 federal workers across the nation, and more than 14,000 in Missouri who have not received paychecks. Roughly half of them are being forced to continue working without pay. Visitor centers and amenities at our national parks are closed. U.S. Agriculture Department checks for farmers are not being sent. Housing and Urban Development rental assistance checks are not available, and trash continues to pile up at federal facilities -- all of this because the president has made the choice to shut down the government over a campaign pledge that has now become a policy dispute.


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Hey, folks, all this talk about whether this is a Dem Shutdown, or a Trump Shutdown is Bull Crap.

Allow me...

The Dems and Repubs came to a bi-partisan agreement on funding for the wall, which was OKed by The White House.

They did their job.

The House, Senate and POTUS were all in agreement. The agreement of those parties used to be enough to pass legislation, way back in the old days, pre 2016. Today, passing a law requires the consent of the House, the Senate, the POTUS and FOXTALK.

As we all know, FOXTALK along with Right Wing Radio, exercised their constitutional Veto power and pantsed and spanked the POTUS in public for his compromise agreement to accept a less than full funding dollar amount, keep the Government running, and try to get a larger funding number through negotiating.

Yes, that's right, FOXTALK vetoed the legislation. They did this by commanding POTUS to withdraw his support for the temporary Funding bill. When the Bill was vetoed by FOXTALK, the Government had to be shut down.

Since Trump relies on FOXTALK to keep his base of Deplorables angry and agitated, and for 'Policy' input, (cause he doesnt know a gawdamn thing, and his 'C minus' list of talent in his skeleton staff in his Administration are near as dumb as he is) so he meekly obeyed his direct reports, the Right-wing talking heads, and had no choice but to renege on his agreement for the Temp Funding Bill, and proceeded to Shut down the Govt. He told us all it made him proud, and that he doesnt care if it stays closed for many months or years.

Shawn and Rush will make the determination as to when it is OK to let American President accept a compromise and reopen the Government for the Peoples Business.

This isnt Trump's Shutdown.

It isnt a Democratic Shutdown.


The New Co-equal Branch of the Government Agency called FOXTALK demanded the shutdown. Trump followed their orders. How long it lasts is up Rush and Shawn. They actually should have an Office in the White House; the Directors of FOXTALK could then summon the Dems, Repubs and POTUS to a mandatory meeting, where Rush, Shawn, and Ann Coulter could present their demands to the POTUS, Dem and Repub leaders.

This process should be seen as the 'new normal'. It's Totally Normal! And, the Shutdown, like every other flaming bag of dog poo Trump leaves at our front door, serves Putin's interest, not America's.

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