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Wednesday, January 09, 2019

It seems obvious at this point that China is building a massive database of information on American individuals and companies, which they can then use for various purposes -- including espionage, intellectual property theft, extortion, and other types of coercion. Here are some of the attacks that have been linked to China with some significant degree of confidence: OPM, Equifax, and Marriott. Seeing any patterns yet? China is the single greatest risk to the security of American technologies.


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Google and 34 other companies in 2010, including Northrop Grumman, Symantec, Yahoo, Dow Chemical, and Adobe Systems. Navy Contractor, 2018. China using LinkedIn to target people inside high-value companies, 2018. Think Tank/Law Firm Associated with a Chinese Fugitive, 2017. F-35 Program, 2009. Commerce Department, 2006. Sandia National Labs, 2004.

Basically, they're building an organized database of stolen information that they can use to beat us economically and militarily in the long-term.


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Typical TDS. For God's sake, if only Hillary could get her Russian spy contacts to write another fantasy novel about this, it would be solved.

Oh wait wait it's China. We should sell them MIRV's.

#1 | Posted by HeliumRat at 2019-01-09 01:35 PM | Reply

"the shoe hasn't dropped yet"

That is so funny.

I swear to Cthulhu, we can't see the bars of our own cage.

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#3 | Posted by Tor at 2019-01-09 09:30 PM | Reply

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