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Sunday, January 06, 2019

When Republicans are in power, they run up as much debt as possible, by borrowing and giving cash to the Republican donor class with tax cuts and corporate subsidies. When Democrats hold power, the GOP become hysterical about the debt and demand that Dems keep taxes low while cutting social spending. This successful 38-year-long GOP strategy was created by Jude Wanniski. Odds are you've never heard of Jude. Wanniski said, they had to come up with their own Santa Claus, or they'd never hold power again. When Republicans are in power, they should be "tax-cut Santas." Cut taxes radically, and drive up the national debt, without ever talking about debt. But, when Democrats take power, Republicans scream loud about the national debt to intimidate Democrats into cutting all the benefits the American people love. Then, Arthur Laffer took the fairytale a step further. Laffer claimed as taxes went down, revenue to the government would go up!



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The problem for the GOP was that the Democrats, since FDR, became Santa Claus by delivering New Deal Social Security and Unemployment checks as well as projects like roads, bridges, and highways, providing healthy union paychecks to construction workers. The net effect of these rational policies was that the Democrats became a party of Robin Hoods, taking from the rich to fund programs for poor and working-class voters.

So Wanniski turned Adam Smith's classical world of economics, consumer-demand, on its head. Each time a Democrat takes power, Republicans started screaming about the "unsustainable debt!!!" Average people freak out and join the GOP in demanding that Democrats "cut all that spending!" For nearly 40 years Republicans skimmed trillions of dollars out of the economy, gutted organized labor, and packed the Supreme Court and the entire federal court system. They clearly control the national dialogue with BS in violation of Adam Smith.


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The GOP's goal for a long time has been to drive up the debt to the point where the social safety net has to be killed. Everything has to be for the gilded class.

Reagan and both Bushes tried to do it. Donny Debt took it miles further than any of those three ass clowns could have imagined with $1.5 TRILLION in new borrowing to give to the 1% through the tax cuts.

Now Kochcaine Mitch is crying about the deficit HE CREATED by calling for cuts to social security and medicare.

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