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Monday, December 31, 2018

Trump's pullout of Syria is a Christmas present to Vladimir Putin. Not only has the Russian president gained leverage in Syria, he's now the chief arbiter from the Nile to the Tigris. Russia captured three Ukrainian navy boats attempting to force their way through Russian territorial waters, ended Ukranian access to the Black Sea. In Syria, the U.S. gave Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other oil monarchies the green light to flood the country with thousands of Wahhabi head-choppers, unleashing a sectarian war that may have cost upward of half a million lives. They lost. Iran's path is now open from Iraq to Lebanon. It's a victory of historic proportions. Israel may have no choice but to attempt to reach an accord with Putin, the Middle East's new kingmaker.



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Saudi Arabia can't be very happy now that Iran's influence is expanding. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is persona non grata across the globe, thanks to his role in the Khashoggi killing. The one force with a clear and unambiguous reason to battle Islamic State and al-Qaida, the Syrian army, backed by Russia, Iran and Hezbollah is finally taking the field without U.S. obstruction.


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You are missing the one of the biggest takeaways from the actual article, which is titled:

Democrats and Neocons Are the Biggest Losers of Trump's Syria Withdrawal


Democrats and neoconservatives: Rarely has a strategy backfired as roundly as the Dem-neocon approach has since 2011. In Libya, Clinton spent weeks persuading Qatar to join the anti-Gadhafi coalition, only to stand by and watch as the gas-rich sheikdom massively funded Islamist militias spreading anarchy from one end of the country to the other. Decades of social progress were erased, slavery was restored and Libya turned into a happy hunting ground for Islamic State and al-Qaida.

In the Ukraine, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, a Clinton protégée, encouraged an uprising spearheaded by the ultraright that sent a legally elected president packing and ushered in a regime heavily dependent on neo-Nazi militias.

In Yemen, the Obama administration couldn't say no to a Saudi-United Arab Emirates war of aggression that, after nearly four years, has killed as many as 80,000 people and brought up to 14 million more to the brink of starvation

The results have been every bit as destructive as the shock and awe that George W. Bush unleashed on Iraq in 2003. White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney may have exaggerated when he said that Syrian withdrawal is "very popular with ordinary American people," but not by much. Certainly, no one is taking to the streets to keep the troops in place. Democrats have suffered a major rebuff, deservedly so.

Can't say I am surprised, but I thought you might have actually read the article before posting it.

#1 | Posted by Rightocenter at 2018-12-31 11:24 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

I suppose I did condense way too much, emphasizing Russia's gains over domestic loses. Damn word limit doesn't apply to secondary posts, only the primary. There are a few things that Trump does right, even if accidentally for the wrong reasons. I've always recognized that. The attacks on Libya and Syria were every bit as horrible as the invasion of Iraq though less cost;y to the USA.

#2 | Posted by bayviking at 2019-01-01 12:16 AM | Reply

Any suggestion that neocons are primarily Democrat is patently absurd. Most are Republican.

#3 | Posted by bayviking at 2019-01-01 09:35 AM | Reply


You obviously missed the word "and".

#4 | Posted by Rightocenter at 2019-01-01 11:45 PM | Reply

its that Dem-neocon combo I don't like. Republicans run the neocon school and keep the democrats in tow by constantly claiming the Democrats are weak on defense. This accusation scares the ---- out of the Democrats. The Democrats are pathetic.

#5 | Posted by bayviking at 2019-01-02 10:23 PM | Reply

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