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Friday, November 16, 2018

While campaigning for president, Trump pledged to take action to generally reduce drug prices and to allow Medicare to negotiate lower prices for prescription medications. He then appointed a former pharmaceutical executive to run the Department of Health and Human Services, and slammed the Medicare negotiation concept after a meeting with pharmaceutical executives.


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An Associated Press analysis of brand-name prescription drug prices shows it's been business as usual for drugmakers, with far more price hikes than cuts. The number of increases slowed somewhat and were not quite as steep as in past years, the AP found.


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#1 | Posted by ChiefTutMoses at 2018-11-16 12:26 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 3

Pfizer ends deal to placate Trump, announces plan to raise prices on 41 prescription drugs

According to Bloomberg, the drugmaker said halting price increases would last only until the end of 2018, or "until Trump's wide-ranging plan to lower pharmaceutical costs was fully implemented." As the outlet noted, a plan has not been implemented.

Aren't you getting sick and tired of so much Trump 'winning'?

#2 | Posted by tonyroma at 2018-11-16 05:47 PM | Reply

When has a tax break ever lowered any prices?

#3 | Posted by bat4255 at 2018-11-16 06:35 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

"and slammed the Medicare negotiation concept after a meeting with pharmaceutical executives."

Raise your hand if you're surprised.

#4 | Posted by Danforth at 2018-11-16 07:03 PM | Reply

Well, at least the article linked literally every single word.:]

Tax cuts are necessary for Big Pharma to purchase employees? I thought they were already offshore to pay the least for the most educated? Why not just give the money to the states to divvy among their anti-poverty strategies?

Isn't all hidden profiteering "dark money", thus the constant move of money into R&D? It's a scam.

#5 | Posted by redlightrobot at 2018-11-16 07:08 PM | Reply

Don't old peoole trend conservative?

I guess it's good that Trump won't lift a finger to help them afford drugs. Dead conservatives is good for America.

I'm reminded of the GOP replacement for Obamacare:
1. Don't get sick.
2. If you do get sick, DIE QUICKLY.

#6 | Posted by snoofy at 2018-11-16 07:22 PM | Reply

Trumps rich supporters are fine with high drug prices.
Trumps poor supporters are stupid, so he will distract them with racism, again.

#7 | Posted by bored at 2018-11-16 09:01 PM | Reply

Trumps poor supporters are stupid, so he will distract them with racism, again.


They don't care if they are getting price increases as long as black people get increases as well.

#8 | Posted by gtbritishskull at 2018-11-17 11:25 AM | Reply

The Trump administration is little more than piece of evidence after piece of evidence of the absolute sheep-like stupidity of "Conservatives".

They've been lied to, to their face, for the past 2 years and they still stand there dutifully expecting the next time to be real.

#9 | Posted by jpw at 2018-11-17 12:00 PM | Reply

It has only been 40 years. Just wait. The trickle will start any day now.

#10 | Posted by hatter5183 at 2018-11-17 12:34 PM | Reply

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