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Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Pinecoin -- "Money Grown on Trees," "Tokenized Maine Pine Cones," "A pine cone with an ERC-20 token for Proof-of-Authenticity" -- is a little different. Of course it is an ICO parody. (An "Initial Cone Offering.") But it is less strenuous than most ICO parodies: It takes a light touch with the crypto jargon, and the punch line is not "send us money for a dumb token lol." They don't want money for their tokens. They'll give you the tokens for free, as I understand it, but you have to attach them to a pine cone. ("Add a token identifier to a metal rim paper tag. Tie a loop of twine and attach the tag.") The pine cone must be from an eastern white pine found in Maine, at least 5 inches long, female, with stem attached. "Must be unsquished and crisp when dry," says the specification, poetically. Then you have a pine cone with a token attached. Nothing much else seems to happen.


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Quiet. Soothing. Moderately outdoorsy. The crypto space may or may not be maturing, but Pinecoin is a good sign of maturity in the crypto art space. It is the next wave of ICO-based art, not blunt one-note parodies but charming silly little reenchantments of the world.


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The underlying tech has some really strong branches.

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