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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Louisiana and Ireland were two of four countries newly admitted to the International Organisation of Francophonie (OIF) as an observer, along with Malta and the West African state of Gambia. According to KATC:"The international body is comprised of 84 French-speaking countries, provinces and governments. Membership includes access to funding as well as a place at the international table. Louisiana is home to 250,000 Francophones and 5,000 French immersion students enrolled in the state's Department of Culture and Tourism program, CODOFIL."


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Saudi Arabia also applied to join the 84-member club -- seen mainly as a vehicle for promoting French influence -- but withdrew its application at the last minute after coming under heavy criticism over its human rights record.


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"The economic element of membership in the Organisation Internationale de la Francaphonie is significant. Right now we have a robust French Immersion system and we're developing really students who come out of eighth grade (to be) bilingual. The next step for them would be to create a space for them in the market where they can use their French," said CODOFIL Communications Manager Matt Mick.Acceptance into the OIF could mean more access to funding which would create not only more Louisiana native French teachers, but French professionals.

"Hopefully businesses in other French speaking areas: Canada, France, Africa is a huge developing market, will look to Louisiana and say here's an interesting in-road into the United States, where French is already spoken, where we might be able to do business," said Mick.

#1 | Posted by GOnoles92 at 2018-10-12 04:38 PM | Reply

Most Vietnamese war ravaged refugees in the USA are more comfortable speaking French than English.

#2 | Posted by bayviking at 2018-10-13 09:17 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

My grand mother was from Guydan, Louisiana. She didn't speak English until she was around 19 years old. But until she died at 80, she was more comfortable speaking French.

Most of my relatives speak French. I'm not fluent but I can tell when the bitches start gossiping.

#3 | Posted by lfthndthrds at 2018-10-13 10:55 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 2

est-ce que mes exploits de plongée dans le manchon me permettent d'entrer?

#4 | Posted by ABlock at 2018-10-13 01:25 PM | Reply | Funny: 1

est-ce que mes exploits de plongée dans le manchon me permettent d'entrer?

#4 | POSTED BY ABLOCK AT 2018-10-13 01:25 PM | REPLY: Qu'est-ce que tu as dit?

#5 | Posted by MSgt at 2018-10-13 01:54 PM | Reply


will my prodigious ---- diving skills secure my seat at the francophile table?

#6 | Posted by ABlock at 2018-10-13 04:05 PM | Reply | Funny: 2

will my prodigious ---- diving skills secure my seat at the francophile table?

Post of the week right there ~

#7 | Posted by PinchALoaf at 2018-10-13 04:14 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

scheeple went to the meeting too and wondered why nobody else had bolts in their neck

#8 | Posted by hatter5183 at 2018-10-13 05:32 PM | Reply | Funny: 2

will my prodigious ---- diving skills secure my seat at the francophile table?

#6 | POSTED BY ABLOCK AT 2018-10-13 04:05 PM | FLAG: | FUNNY: 1

Cunning - linguist. Think about it...

#9 | Posted by lfthndthrds at 2018-10-14 08:06 AM | Reply

this is the kind of crap that caused trump to be elected. some idiot scrubbed the word "----". now obviously the word in and of itself, doesn't have any negative connotations, that i'm aware of. this means it was found to be offensive because of the context it was used in. this is the perfect example of "not free speech" . would the word "-----------" be accepted? this is an intellectually vapid attempt to further the "--- ba yah" mind set of the limousine liberals. is there a possible thread in the DR future where the word "bitch" would be appropriate? a common word among dog breeders. how about "gelding"..is that offensive? it's a good word to reference if you're talking about the ability to communicate on the DR with an adult audience. and to put a finer point on the utter idiocy of the censorship.. the original post was in french, no deletion there. evidently the french manchon is fine but whoa to the english mu*f. Grow the F**k Up

#10 | Posted by 1947steamer at 2018-10-14 03:14 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

LFTHNDTHRDS, that is really cool to learn about. Before reading this piece of news I didn't know Louisiana kept up their ties to French culture beyond New Orleans.

#11 | Posted by GOnoles92 at 2018-10-14 04:23 PM | Reply


New Orleans is more of a melting pot of Africans, French and a lot of Spanish too.

In Louisiana, if you want some real Cajun food you need to head west to Acadiana. From Baton Rouge to Texas - South of I-10. That's the good stuff.

#12 | Posted by lfthndthrds at 2018-10-14 06:05 PM | Reply

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