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Monday, October 08, 2018

Four men were caught trying to hack the wifi network of the chemical weapons watchdog, the OPCW. One of them had kept the receipt for his taxi to the airport from GRU headquarters. "They could have used their home addresses but they wanted privileges - not to pay fines for violating traffic rules."





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Led by the foreign ministry, officials in Russia have brushed off the latest accusations in traditional style, as "spy mania".

They claim the co-ordinated allegations coming from Britain, the US and the Netherlands reveal a "stage-managed" campaign against Russia.

That's also the line taken by retired Lt Gen Yevgeny Buzhinsky, even with four men caught red-handed in The Hague.

"You say this is evidence. It's not evidence to me," he insists, particularly annoyed by talk of GRU incompetence.

"Russian intelligence was believed to be among the best in the world. Now you want to present a bunch of fools, absolutely incompetent, absolutely stupid, non-professional idiots? It's insulting," Yevgeny Buzhinsky says.

But some of the men just exposed have a considerable presence online for secret agents.

Two are listed as players in an amateur Moscow football league along with their photographs. A team-mate at Radiks said the club once boasted multiple members of the security services.

One of the accused, Artyom Malyshev, sold several items online last year including an old acoustic guitar and a smartphone.

Listed as "wanted" by the FBI this week for hacking, he has also registered on a dating website along with a profile photograph winking at the camera and some sporty action shots.

#1 | Posted by J_Tremain at 2018-10-08 06:22 AM | Reply

Aren't spies supposed to keep a LOW profile? Why did they choose an idiot who likes being on dating websites?

Shows how broken the US political machinery is that it got compromised by idiots such as these.

#2 | Posted by J_Tremain at 2018-10-08 06:24 AM | Reply

Shows how openly Russia threatens anyone on the planet, they will brazenly enter your country, kill whoever they want then leave back to Russia with impunity. Then Vlad just tells another lie, it's his trademark. At least American intelligence doesn't get caught unless some traitor sells out the agents overseas as has happened before by pieces of crap like Scooter Libby (a/k/a human excrement).

#3 | Posted by danni at 2018-10-08 10:07 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

#2 | Posted by J_Tremain

Ummm Yes they SHOULD keep a low profile but then again - what's the point anymore? Unless you are saying "HEY I'M a SPY" it doesn't really matter - you want to look normal.

#4 | Posted by GalaxiePete at 2018-10-08 12:01 PM | Reply

Sheep, which one are you in the video?

#5 | Posted by IndianaJones at 2018-10-09 01:06 PM | Reply | Funny: 1

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