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Thursday, May 10, 2018

The cost of producing solar power is rapidly declining: it now costs $50 to produce one megawatt-hour of solar power, according to a new analysis. Coal, on the other hand, costs $102 per megawatt-hour to produce. This recent change could be a sign that the world is on the verge of an energy revolution. The cost of solar power is decreasing so rapidly, it's now cheaper than coal, based on a new analysis. A recent report from Lazard shows how the costs of producing electricity from various sources are changing. Energy from utility-scale solar plants -- plants that produce electricity that feeds into the grid -- has seen the biggest price drop: an 86% decrease since 2009.




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The best part of green energy is that it will create lots of local jobs.

Thanks Al.


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It can't work and it's more dangerous than nuclear energy.


#1 | Posted by LauraMohr at 2018-05-09 05:25 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

It's a petroleum product

#2 | Posted by snoofy at 2018-05-09 05:34 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

I swear to God, Al Gore losing to George Bush was the worst thing to happen to this country since the Kennedy assassination. For the cost of the Iraq war, we could all have had solar panels on roofs and probably flying cars or something. And the debt would have been paid off in eight years. He might even have revealed the Truth about UFO's and fluoridation (though I suspect Sasquatch is right out. Part of his appearance makes me suspect a Yeti heritage he wants to keep a secret). But no. We can't have nice things. Instead we get the AUMF and Black Helicopters and Critical Theory and FEMA tunnels under Walmarts.

Of course, you won't read that in the news, because it's pretty much too late to stop the total doom at this point. But at least we can try to have a cheerful attitude about all. I mean, I'm sure that counts for something, right?

#3 | Posted by HeliumRat at 2018-05-10 01:37 AM | Reply

Europe and China will lead the way forward. They will transform their economies to be environmentally and economically sustainable. California will as well. Even Texas realizes that lower cost energy is a good thing.

The fossil fuel age is ending. Accept it and embrace the future or cling to fantasies like clean coal that is actually black lung.

#4 | Posted by bored at 2018-05-10 12:04 PM | Reply

We HAVE to go green, even if it takes using oil to get there.

Otherwise, we'll just be using oil anyways. We might as well use it to get off of it.

#5 | Posted by SheepleSchism at 2018-05-10 12:08 PM | Reply

We HAVE to go green, even if it takes using oil to get there.
Otherwise, we'll just be using oil anyways. We might as well use it to get off of it.


And yet you support Trump. Mind boggling.

#6 | Posted by Sycophant at 2018-05-10 05:11 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 2

Really, Sycophant? You're a lawyer and yet so childish?

Grow up.

#7 | Posted by SheepleSchism at 2018-05-10 05:16 PM | Reply

We must end our dependence on Middle Eastern sunlight!

#8 | Posted by snoofy at 2018-05-10 05:46 PM | Reply

A lot of caveats in here but still promising. First is "Energy from utility-scale solar plants" - that isn't the rooftop stuff sold to consumers. I think the areas suitable for utility scale plants would be very geographically limited. Second, without reading the whole report, I don't know how they handle transmission cost, which can be 50% of all power produced. Third, does this apply to the US only and what % f that cost is driven by regulations? I want a global green revolution so we need solar to be affordable globally where regulations play a much smaller role in the end consumer price.

#9 | Posted by Rex_Buyt at 2018-05-10 10:35 PM | Reply

Also need to increase green homebuilding materials and alternative roofing - www.houzz.com

#10 | Posted by SheepleSchism at 2018-05-12 10:50 AM | Reply

#9 Did you read the article yet, because it answers your questions.

It has global numbers, green beats black without subsidies.
Transmission cost isn't really an issue, local solar doesn't have it, utility solar is similar to utility fossil transmission.
Matching supply to demand is the bigger challenge for green energy. Fortunately northern areas often have hydro power which is great at almost instant power generation and storage. Solar thermal hybrids can provide power at night.

#11 | Posted by bored at 2018-05-12 12:42 PM | Reply

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