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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

In 2011 the California Institute of Integral Studies concluded a several month long investigation into Cultural Anthropology professors Angana Chatterji and Richard Shapiro. Both were fired citing a "cult-like environment," "exploitation," and a "siege mentality" among other reasons. In 2007 I was one of four students who walked out of the program reporting serious dysfunction. This is the never been told story of how it unfolded.


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Ten years ago, in April of 2007, I walked out of the Cultural Anthropology graduate program at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). To this day, I've never stepped foot back in the building. I'm not sure I ever will again.

I was one of four students who left, mid-semester, and blew the whistle on a personality cult surrounding professor Angana Chatterji and her husband professor Richard Shapiro. We reported in great detail serious psychological abuse, manipulation, exploitation and dysfunction. We warned them that a cult was in their midst.

The school hired an ombudsperson who did a minor investigation at the time, but nothing came of it. CIIS, a major center in the history of the human potential movement, mostly ignored our heartfelt warnings. They offered to refund our spring semester tuition if we agreed not to sue them. The four of us signed the document. The refund was a small token considering what had transpired.

That was 2007.

Almost four years later, in December 2011, both professors were fired by the school with a great sense of urgency. The Faculty Hearing Board who recommended their termination issued a dire warning, "There is substantial risk to further damage to students and CIIS unless immediate action is undertaken."


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RAT, you come across some cool stuff. Where do you find time to read/find all this?

It is interesting that several of the "techniques" used by these professors are seen on other campuses, in the actions of Antifa, and more recently in the attacks on the NRA.

-- Fear, intimidation, shame and guilt as organizing principles in Dr. Chatteji's classes

-- Suppression of dissent/critique through retaliation, intimidation, shame, and guilt

-- Thought police: students functioning as informants to instructor

-- Failure to provide an intellectual space that allows for independent thought or disagreement

-- Manipulative use of favoritism and financial help by Dr. Chatterji

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