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Monday, February 26, 2018

Since the tax law's passage in December, Republicans have watched it become more popular, the economic news grow more positive, and their own political standing improve. Now comes a much bigger challenge: Can the party's tax cuts actually move votes? A special House election in Pennsylvania next month will be the best political test yet of the tax law, a potential vindication of – or warning to – Republicans who hope that its passage will fundamentally alter a political environment that recently appeared to threaten their House majority.

Already, the race between Republican Rick Saccone and Democrat Conor Lamb has featured clashes over the tax legislation, with the candidates sparring over it at a debate and one GOP super PAC putting its message front-and-center in TV ads. Now, both parties will watch the contest's final three weeks closely for concrete signs of how the Republicans' signature legislative achievement is shaping the broader midterms landscape.




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Trump signed the tax bill into law late last year, giving Republicans a desperately needed legislative win. While the measure was deeply unpopular in December, its standing has since increased considerably, rising from 37 percent approval then to 51 percent approval this month, according to a poll conducted by SurveyMonkey for The New York Times.

Leading Republican strategists say the fate of the midterm elections will rest on most voters believing they received a tax break from the law.

"If you could answer this question on Nov. 1, I could predict what happens: Did the middle class think we cut their taxes?" said Corry Bliss, executive director of the GOP super PAC Congressional Leadership Fund, which is heavily involved in the Pennsylvania race.

Bliss said his group's polling found that most middle-class voters thought the answer was "no" in December. But things have changed since then: In some districts, he said he's seen public approval of the bill rise; it was relatively unpopular and now earns majority support.


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This is exactly why Priorities USA is pushing the Democratic Party to focus on bad economic news: with the needle moving towards positive on the tax bill, the Democrats are losing the messaging race and any advantage they had prior to the bill passing.

#1 | Posted by Rightocenter at 2018-02-26 06:44 PM | Reply

I guess we'll see the power of the $1.50

#2 | Posted by Zed at 2018-02-26 07:58 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

Or the power of calling $1000 "crumbs."

#3 | Posted by Rightocenter at 2018-02-26 08:08 PM | Reply

Not at all impressed with Trumps Tax Scam and give away to the wealthy.

And I am still waiting for my Million Dollars that Trump promised.

"I will be the greatest wealth president in the history of the United States," Trump told ecstatic crowds in Des Moines, Iowa, as he announced his intention to offer a "one-time, one-million-dollar bonus to every man, woman and child" in the United States as one of his first measures after taking over the presidency from Barack Obama." Instead of spending a ton of money on stuff from China, if every American would spend a million dollars on American-made goods, we would solve the trade deficit, create millions of jobs and make this country great again," Trump said, to great cheers from the audience.

#4 | Posted by donnerboy at 2018-02-26 08:26 PM | Reply

Or the power of calling $1000 "crumbs."

#3 | Posted by Rightocenter at 2018-02-

One thousand more dollars is never crumbs to the desperate. You put your finger on how morally bankrupt this crap all is.

Jeez, I really hope you're getting something good from the Era of Donald. Something really, really good. Otherwise you're a fool as well as a tool.

#5 | Posted by Zed at 2018-02-26 08:46 PM | Reply

Kamala Harris‏ @KamalaHarris

Here's the truth: the Republican tax plan is nothing more than a $1 trillion bank heist that will be paid by our children and our seniors for years to come.
2:24 PM - 25 Feb 2018

#6 | Posted by Gal_Tuesday at 2018-02-26 08:52 PM | Reply

80% disapprove of Congress so far, not that that's out of the norm. But I thought it would be higher since the Big Tax Cut has done so much positive for the country. Or is it Trump that receives credit for the cuts?

#7 | Posted by rstybeach11 at 2018-02-26 08:56 PM | Reply


Pelosi's words, not mine.

I didn't vote for the Donald and the elimination of SALT will cost me thousands of dollars, but since you broad brush everyone that doesn't conform to your personal psychoses, I am not surprised by your retort.

#8 | Posted by Rightocenter at 2018-02-27 01:06 PM | Reply

The race between Republican Rick Saccone and Democrat Conor Lamb is a race between a career politician and an aspiring career politician. Neither one has ever run a businesses or created a job. Lamb comes from a long line of politicians and clearly planned to quickly move into politics himself. Basically, 2 swamp dwellers.

#9 | Posted by Rex_Buyt at 2018-02-27 01:27 PM | Reply

Basically, 2 swamp dwellers.

#9 | Posted by Rex_Buyt at 2018-02-27 01

Tell us all about the swamp, REX GATOR.

#10 | Posted by Zed at 2018-02-27 02:01 PM | Reply

"Basically, 2 swamp dwellers."

That all depends on how much money they are getting from the NRA.

#11 | Posted by danni at 2018-02-27 02:25 PM | Reply

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