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Thursday, January 25, 2018

A species of fish that comes together once a year for mass underwater orgies might be under threat because its mating call is so loud. So noisy is the the Gulf corvina – a Mexican species that lives mainly off the coast of California – that fishers can hear its call above water as it reverberates through the hull of boats. As the fish get together for their rippling sex festival, they are easily caught in nets. Modern fishing techniques mean many more are now caught than in previous years. The reproductive orgies are so audible that they can even deafen dolphins, scientists said on Wednesday. Other sea animals such as seals and sea lions are also thought to be affected. Researchers of the Gulf corvina say the "spectacle" should be preserved – and is threatened by overfishing.




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The fish produce a mating call that resembles a "really loud machine gun", with multiple, rapid pulses, said study co-author Timothy Rowell, from the University of San Diego. Together, the "collective chorus sounds like a crowd cheering at a stadium, or perhaps a really loud beehive".

Rowell added: "The sound levels generated by chorusing is loud enough to cause at least temporary if not permanent hearing loss in marine mammals that were observed preying on the fish."


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Thankfully, the orgies make tracking corvina easy. Rowell and Erisman, together with other experts, reported in the journal Scientific Reports this year that listening to the love calls of corvinas is useful to conservation purposes.
Rowell said losing the sound of the underwater fish orgies would be a real shame: "These spawning events are among the loudest wildlife events found on planet Earth."
It is "the loudest sound ever recorded for a fish species," he added.


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Don't tell Fishpaw

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Lucky bastards. Taking the fun way out.

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